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Dean Riesen

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Oct 10, 2008
This being the eighth and final installment of “What’s a Free Marketeer to Think?,” I had hoped the series would end on a happier note than the week has proven. Then, again, as Dow drops go, today’s was barely a blip – perversely good news for which I truly do give thanks.
Oct 10, 2008
As a free-market bank director and commercial real estate investor, I find these challenging times. We face a massively complex problem that is the result of human nature, the acceleration in the past ten years of extremely complex financial engineering, and significant government interference in markets.
Dec 1, 2003
The regional governance structure is not working properly. While we believe change is needed, we have not abandoned many of the premises upon which the Metropolitan Council was founded. Our recommendations are grounded in free-market principles and a belief that it is wise to plan regionally for major infrastructure investment and to coordinate local community plans with the regional systems plans.