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Vin Weber

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Vin Weber's Archive

Oct 31, 2005
We asked Annette Meeks, CEO of the Center of the American Experiment, to have a discussion by e-mail with her friend, Republican strategist and former member of Congress Vin Weber, about the state of conservative politics.
Nov 12, 1996
Few words inspire such strong passions in the American political culture as civil rights. The word "right" itself suggests the tradition of St. Thomas, John Locke, David Hume, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, Jacques Maritain and other great thinkers. But add the word "civil" before the word "right," and it conjures up images of political conflict, regulations, lawsuits, legal briefs, courtrooms, bureaucracies, and, perhaps above all, social discord.
Please join us as some of Minnesota’s strangest organizational and individual bedfellows once again gather – some might say really surprisingly this time around -- in the ecumenical spirit of a remarkable scholar, public servant, and friend, the late John Brandl.