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State Budget

Feb 18, 2015
ROCHESTER, Minn. — Michael Brayen, Alcatel-Lucent business development director, is offering the Rochester City Council services from the technology giant.
Feb 16, 2015
I am one of those dreaded ex-smokers. I try to be understanding, but I really do not want to be around cigarettes or cigars, which are now popular with my college-age son and his friends. I keep telling them no one will want to kiss them with cigar breathe but they tell me, hey, we cannot drink legally and we do not smoke cigs so this is our rebellion! Fine. Just take it outside.
Feb 11, 2015
BLOOMINGTON, Minn. — For many bikers and hikers, it was too good to be true. A makeshift natural surface public trail along a 12-mile stretch of the Minnesota River in suburban Bloomington, largely self-managed and maintained for years with little cost to taxpayers or government intervention.
Feb 6, 2015
Thousands of Minnesota businesses experienced tough times without getting a break on paying state taxes. But that’s just business. Or is it?
Feb 4, 2015
In 2014, Minnesota’s estate tax collected $177 million in revenue. On net, however, the estate tax likely collected much less revenue after accounting for its impact on other tax revenues. In fact, the estate tax may not raise any revenue at all.
Feb 3, 2015
MONTICELLO, Minn. — Two years and counting. That’s how long the controversial Fibernet Monticello municipal broadband network may have to turn things around, as time, patience and money run out on the 5-year-old system.
Jan 8, 2015
HOWARD LAKE, Minn. — Minnesotans in 2013 spent more than ever on booze at local government-owned bars and liquor stores. But in Howard Lake, the taps have run dry.
Jan 5, 2015
This may be the most off-beat list of 14 stories from 2014 that you encounter as you look back on 2014. Frivolous, funny or even infuriating, these Watchdog stories of real life Minnesota sometimes slip under the radar of the mainstream media.
Dec 17, 2014
“Get connected, stay connected, live connected.” That marketing tagline sums up how Lake County officials manage to keep one of the most expensive federal stimulus broadband projects in the country alive. The costs of the Lake Connections fiber optic network project in the vast northern Minnesota wilderness continue to increase, and local taxpayers are now footing part of the ever-growing bill.
Dec 4, 2014
ST. PAUL, Minn. — Minnesota legislators boosted the local government aid program for cities by $80 million in 2013 and sold it as a slam dunk toward lowering property tax levies.