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Taxpayer-Funded Library Networks Promote Anti-Trump “Resistance”


Many of us get nostalgic feelings reminiscing about the libraries of our formative years. But the libraries of today are not necessarily the libraries of our youth. The reality is, as organized entities, they have been largely taken over by the radical left, represented by groups like the American Library Association. The public may still view librarians as sources of information and intellectual enlightenment. But American Library Association President Julie Todaro sees the role of librarians as largely political, particularly in regard to the new administration. To drive home the point, Todaro issued a news release headlined "ALA Opposes New Administration Policies That...

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Abdi Warsame’s False Claim on Extremist Violence


Minneapolis City Council Abdi Warsame was dishonest in his Star Tribune op-ed yesterday that called for all community organizations to not cooperate with the Countering Violent Extremism program when he claimed that “more American’s have been killed by right-wing extremists than by those claiming to act in the name of Islam.” He didn’t cite his source but it most likely came from a New America study of extremists from over a year ago that found that since 2002 right-wing murders were slightly ahead of Islamists murders 48-45.  What is especially dishonest is that he didn’t include the Orlando attack on a...

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Mayor Hodges: No Comment on Campaign Dirty Trick


DFL factional in-fighting has reached a new low in the Minneapolis mayoral campaign with the revelation of a dirty trick by Mayor Betsy Hodges' team against her leading rival for the job. The discovery of a fake job posting aimed at council member Jacob Frey led back to the mayor's campaign operation. But Mayor Hodges has declined to discuss the embarrassing incident or apparently hold anyone in her campaign publicly accountable thus far. The listing showed up on a left-leaning job board Wednesday — a group calling itself “Draft Jacob Frey for Congress” said it was hiring a staffer. Frey, who is...

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Protesters’ Latest Road Shutdown Demonstrates Need for New Law


Protesters took over another major Twin Cities roadway during rush hour on Friday afternoon to oppose the Dakota Access Pipeline. Presumably they were motivated by the new administration's decision earlier this week to green light the North Dakota pipeline project for completion. But what the protesters demonstrated more than anything else is the need to fast track the proposed legislation at the State Capitol to significantly increase fines and jail time for protesters that block highways and jeopardize public safety. A Dakota Access pipeline protest halted vehicle traffic on a Mississippi River bridge between St. Paul and Minneapolis during rush hour Friday...

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DHS says all-day Kindergarten has reduced pre-school options for parents


I was on the Department of Human Services (DHS) website today looking for some information about refugees in Minnesota. We had hoped to release our paper on the impact of the refugee program on the state budget at the end of the year but hit a data wall. Neither the feds nor the state keeps good data. And much of the data that is available is massaged to hide the costs, the facts. So we are building a model to give you a good estimate of the cost impact of this federal program on the state budget. (Spoiler alert: the feds...

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Protesters’ Stadium Stunt Raises Super Bowl Security Concerns


The game day stunt pulled by anti-pipeline protesters at last week's Vikings -Bears game may not make the team's highlight reel, but it's become one of the most scrutinized plays of a lackluster season. Yet the fallout holds  more implications for the Minnesota Sports Facilities Authority and NFL than the Dakota Access pipeline that inspired the hooliganism. The incident clearly poses security questions as Minnesota begins preparing for the biggest sporting event of the year that's set to be played at U.S. Bank Stadium next February: Super Bowl 52. Minneapolis police, stadium management company SMG and the NFL face pressure to answer...

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Minneapolis: Not Liberal Enough?!


The Minneapolis Star Tribune reports that the City of Minneapolis, already "an island of blue in the red sea of the Upper Midwest," may be about to swerve even more sharply to the left: "In Minneapolis City Council races, so far there's left, and further left." Emboldened by Bernie Sanders’ domination of the city in the presidential caucus and prodded to action by Donald Trump’s election, the left wing in Minneapolis is fielding a slate of candidates for council who would usher in a pronounced progressive shift in city government. Many of them are uncompromising on a $15 minimum wage, outraged at...

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Inappropriate Poem Raises Question: Why Public Art?


As part of the renovation of Nicollet Mall in downtown Minneapolis, lanterns with text circling them are to be erected at the corner of 7th and Nicollet. They are designed by an artist named Blessing Hancock, and will look something like this: [caption id="attachment_5419" align="aligncenter" width="700"] SONY DSC[/caption] Several poets were commissioned to write poems that would be displayed on the lanterns. One of the poets, Junauda Petrus, wrote a poem the title of which couldn't be reproduced in the Minneapolis Star Tribune. The Strib rendered it as "A Prayer for P*****s." Controversy ensued: A poem heavy with allusions to the female anatomy...

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Urban Insanity In Minneapolis


The City of Minneapolis's far-left city council is thinking about starting a bank. Seriously. Is there a shortage of banks in the Twin Cities? No. Does anyone in city government know anything about running a bank? No. Lee Schafer of the Minneapolis Star Tribune explains: The city of Minneapolis is looking into the “possibility” of launching a city-owned bank. But, of course, it’s possible. So is opening a pet shop. *** Supporters of a new banking arrangement are unhappy with Wells Fargo because the bank took a small piece of the 17-bank loan that’s financing the Dakota Access Pipeline. This is mind-bendingly stupid. Members...

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