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Millennials Voted On the Economy


This Millennial Impact Report survey is interesting, but beware--the sample size is only 350. Still, the findings are fascinating: The organization found that millennials had considered education to be the most important topic during the election through each of three waves of surveying. However, this changed when respondents were surveyed between Nov. 9 and Nov. 14. The survey showed employment and wages were the primary concern for millennial voters. Which means they wised up! The country's slow growth during the liberal Obama years didn't do much damage to middle-aged Americans who already had jobs, and quantitative easing improved their bank accounts. But these...

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The State of Government Union Leaders? Overreaching and Overpaid.


  After the 2016 election, on which the SEIU spent lavish sums on very partisan, far-left candidates and issue-advocacy, Mary Kay Henry, the national president of the SEIU, put her $300 million national operation on notice. According to a memo that Bloomberg got a copy of, the SEIU will immediately cut 10 percent of its budget, and plan for a 30% reduction by the start of 2018. Henry said the union must prepare for the 2018 midterm elections in addition to the 2020 cycle, arguing that it must “focus our resources and energy on the fights that position us to retake power...

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Minnesota Elector Refuses to Vote for Clinton


Liberals have been twisting arms all over the country in an unprecedented effort to undermine the outcome of the 2016 election favoring Donald Trump in the Electoral College. But when the votes were counted today in Minnesota, it was Hillary Clinton who lost electoral support at least momentarily. A crowd of about 100 protesters were on hand to greet the ten members of Minnesota’s Electoral College Assembly who were bound to cast their electoral votes for Clinton. Or were they? The electors met to give Clinton the state’s votes after she won the popular vote in Minnesota by 44,765 votes. Muhammad Abdurrahman, one of...

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The Real Story is not “Fake News” or the Russians. It’s Labor Union Spending.


Federal filings by labor unions are in for the years 2012-2015. The good folks at Union Facts have combed through the data, finding that labor unions spent $530 million almost exclusively on left-wing candidates and issues aligned with the Democratic Party, including plenty here in Minnesota. Union Facts noted, “Yet roughly 40 percent of union households vote Republican in any given election cycle. (In 2016, the number was 43 percent.) The disturbing discrepancy points to the gradual evolution of labor unions from worker advocacy organizations to Democratic Party subsidiaries that are increasingly beholden to Democratic elites instead of blue-collar employees.” That means that almost half of union members...

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Might Trump Carry Minnesota?


That idea seems farfetched, but both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have begun running television advertising in Minnesota, so their own polling must show the race as reasonably close. An intriguing data point came this morning from the Minnesota Secretary of State's office: over 77,000 students from 280 high schools cast mock ballots in the presidential election. And guess what? Donald Trump won, by 35% to 33%, with third party candidates and write-ins drawing quite a few votes. The accompanying spread sheet shows data by school. If you assume that high school kids tend to vote the way they hear their...

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