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  • ‘A republic, if you can keep it’ … or remember what that means

    Written by Mitch Pearlstein on Jun 27 2014

    Numerous surveys and polls indicate that students lack knowledge regarding both our history and our form of government. To address this historical ignorance, U.S. Sen. Robert Byrd, D-W.Va., inserted a...

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  • Riding into the Sunrise

    Written by Mitch Pearlstein on Apr 04 2011

    JUST RELEASED BY POGO PRESS! RIDING INTO THE SUNRISE A Life of Faith, Service & Civility by Mitch Pearlstein Founder & President Center of the American Experiment Forewords by Charles Colson a...

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  • The Battle

    Written by Arthur C. Brooks on Nov 11 2010

    What I’m here to talk to you today about is my new book, The Battle. I make a pretty controversial claim right at the very beginning. That claim is that America is in a new culture war. Now, I know ...

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The Twin Cities Met Council: A Comparative Assessment (Narrated PowerPoint) (09:33)

This presentation is designed to give lawmakers and citizens basic information about how the Met Council compares to other large, metro area bodies both in terms of governance structure and scope of a...

CAE Town Meeting in Burnsville: Is It Time to Reform the Met Council? (1:31:57)

American Experiment’s Katherine Kersten and Kim Crockett are joining key legislators for a Town Meetings in Burnsville that  discussed new developments in how the Met Council is using its Thriv...