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In celebration of American Experiments 25th anniversary, the Center has published “25 Years: Looking Back and Aiming Forward,” 50-plus pages jammed with year-by-year highlights from our first quarter century. Released in early June at American Experiment’s 2015 Annual Dinner, it also discusses what’s coming up next and contains salutes from more than 30 Minnesota and national leaders.
Contents: American Experiment's Mitch Pearlstein || Marking the Milestones || State of Prosperity Survey Results || MN Policy Blueprint Impact at the Legislature || Young Leaders Council || Bigger Government = Smaller Citizens
As Minnesota’s legislators proceed through the final days of their 2015 session, Minnesotans appear to be surprisingly unified on issues related to the budget, transportation, health care, and state pensions, perhaps explained by a strong perception of the state’s improving economy. But there is a growing split between voters in the metro and non-metro regions.
The people of the Twin Cities have the right to govern their own communities. Social planning by unelected regional bureaucrats who use government power to tell us where to live and how to get around undermines democracy and is hostile to our cherished American traditions of freedom and self-government.
- Katherine Kersten
Sep 27, 2015
- Peter Bell
Sep 25, 2015
- Mitch Pearlstein
Aug 27, 2015
- Chuck Chalberg
Jul 13, 2015
- Katherine Kersten
Jun 28, 2015
- Mitch Pearlstein
Jun 28, 2015
- Mitch Pearlstein
Jun 23, 2015
- Erin Mundahl
Jun 22, 2015

2015 Fall Briefing with U.S. Senator Tom Coburn

Please join us at Orchestra Hall on Tuesday, October 13 when former Oklahoma Senator Tom Coburn "details the ways in which government spending is crippling the American economy - and how we can fix it before it's too late."