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Mr. Steyn is a brilliant, brave, and prolific commentator. He’s also an extraordinarily funny one, although what he writes and talks about – as in his internationally best-selling book After America: Get Ready for Armageddon and as one of Rush Limbaugh’s prime substitute hosts – are some of the least funny problems facing the United States and other free nations.
STATE SOLUTIONS IN AN AGE OF FEDERAL CONTROL. Obamacare puts Minnesota's health care system at serious risk. The state should focus on increasing competition and affordability in the health insurance market, enhancing patients' control over their own health care, and guaranteeing an environment that promotes the next great innovations in health care.
Understanding the problems with Minnesota’s tax code first requires an understanding of the principles that should guide the state’s tax policy. Sound tax policy should promote three core principles: economic efficiency and growth, equal taxation of equally situated people, and simplicity. These principles generally favor low tax rates levied on a broad tax base.
King Banaian and Peter J. Nelson call on law makers to stop autopilot spending increases and, instead, redesign the budget process so lawmakers regularly evaluate outcomes and prioritize spending to the outcomes that matter most to Minnesotans.
- Mitch Pearlstein
Sep 29, 2014
- Katherine Kersten
Sep 24, 2014
- Katherine Kersten
Sep 22, 2014
- Mitch Pearlstein
Sep 19, 2014
- Katherine Kersten
Sep 15, 2014
- Kim Crockett
Jul 26, 2014
- Randal O'Toole
Jul 4, 2014
- Peter J. Nelson
Jun 5, 2014
- Katherine Kersten
May 27, 2014
- Chuck Chalberg
May 25, 2014
- Mitch Pearlstein
May 22, 2014
- Katherine Kersten
May 20, 2014

Healthcare: State Solutions in an Age of Federal Control

Minnesota's health care system exhibits many of the same problems as the rest of the country. In particular, high and rising health care costs have long been a top challenge facing Minnesota and the nation.

2014 Fall Briefing: An Evening with Mark Steyn

Mr. Steyn is a brilliant, brave, and prolific commentator.