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Mar 18, 2016
Google the names of this season’s presidential contenders alongside terms such as “family breakdown,” “family fragmentation, and “single parent” and you come up with hardly anything.
Mar 7, 2016
Gov. Mark Dayton announced on the Chad Hartman Show on WCCO on Feb. 23 that universal pre-K was his No. 1 priority in the upcoming legislative session. He said he will hold the tax bill hostage until he gets his way. Echoing President Barack Obama and candidate Hillary Clinton, Dayton is demanding that all of Minnesota’s 4-year-olds be sent to school.
Mar 3, 2016
My name is Peter Nelson and I am Vice President and Senior Policy Fellow at Center of the American Experiment. Thank you for the opportunity to discuss the use of utility franchise fees to raise revenue for cities.
Feb 24, 2016
There is a bizarre union campaign going on right now in Minnesota.
Feb 21, 2016
In-home child care providers and GOP legislators in Minnesota have called for a halt to a controversial union election that is underway. They contend hundreds of eligible providers were excluded from the state’s list of voters.
Feb 21, 2016
The Duluth News Tribune published an in-depth article on how some people who enrolled in Medicaid through MNsure are making a shocking discovery: The state has placed a claim on their estate for the cost of their Medicaid benefits.
Feb 19, 2016
There is a sneaky union election going on in Minnesota right now that has even fans of public employee unions shaking their heads. If the union wins, a small group of business owners will be able to collectively bargain as “state employees” against their regulator over a state subsidy their customers use to buy their services, and over licensing regulations.
Feb 5, 2016
When it comes to matters such as celebrating (or not celebrating) holidays in elementary schools, or seeing a need to take out full-page ads about treating everyone with dignity regardless of their faith, I ask myself questions such as: “Who are we as a people?” And then voicing assertions such as: “This is what we are as a nation.”
Feb 1, 2016
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Jan 29, 2016
The results are in from a new Star Tribune Minnesota Poll, and Minnesotans are apparently evenly divided over what to do with the state budget surplus — 30 percent support refunding it, 31 percent support spending it and 30 percent support saving it (“State split over $1.2B surplus,” Jan. 26).