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Dec 6, 2015
In recent weeks, college campuses across the country have been home to some troubling scenes — and demands. The common denominator in virtually all of them has been race.
Dec 3, 2015
Never mind trying to excise the name of a mere vice president from a Minneapolis lake, as is the case with John C. Calhoun, students at Princeton University want to excise the name of a full-fledged U.S. president from its campus, Woodrow Wilson.
Nov 10, 2015
Five of the world's leading manufacturers of automated packaging machines are located just 150 miles west of the Twin Cities in the thriving regional manufacturing hub of Alexandria. One of them is the Agaard Group, where founder Brent Smith told us they compete "some" for business, "but what we really compete for is talent." Factory workers make up 18 percent of the local workforce.
Nov 9, 2015
When people say they believe a particular institution is racist, or are convinced that they, their children or others have been treated unfairly for reasons of color — by educators or the police or anyone else — I’m in no position to disagree with what’s in their hearts. My history is not theirs; their shoes are not mine, and if that is what they sincerely believe, that is what they sincerely believe.
Oct 1, 2015
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Sep 27, 2015
The Minneapolis-St. Paul metro area is a great place for ordinary folks to buy a house, put down roots and pursue the American dream. For now — but likely not for much longer.
Sep 25, 2015
Occasionally an issue surfaces that allows the public to get deeper insight into how our civic institutions work. One such issue is the proposed renaming of Lake Calhoun.
Aug 27, 2015
A number of years ago (a dozen actually), Rick Hess, one of the nation’s most insightful and prolific education scholars, wrote an essay for American Experiment titled, “‘Trust Us,’ They Explained: Racial Distrust and School Reform.” The reason for recalling it has to do with a recent editorial in the Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder, a venerable newspaper in the African American community in the Twin Cities and beyond, that spoke (let’s just say) poorly about the Center’s efforts and those of another local organization, Better Ed, to increase educational options for all children, but especially low-income children. Which is to say, disproportionately minority boys and girls.
Aug 13, 2015
Minnesota’s public employee pension system is broken. The state’s reported unfunded liabilities are estimated by the state to be $17.6 billion. If reasonable economic assumptions are used, the amount is far larger. This is a ticking fiscal time bomb for Minnesota.
Jul 21, 2015
Years ago I decided to try sprucing up my American history classes by becoming various figures in American history. One of my first sprucer-uppers was that American original, journalist H.L. Mencken. Now that I’m near the end of my teaching days, a soon-to-be retired “Mr. Mencken” will have to be content with sprucing me up.