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Analyses and News on Health Care Ruling


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The Supreme Court ruled that the individual mandate to buy health insurance is a constitutional exercise of Congress’s taxing power.  Importantly, the Court did not accept the Obama administration’s argument that the individual mandate was justified under the Commerce Clause.   For the time being, this leaves most of the federal health care overhaul intact. 

The impact of this ruling will be dramatic and far-reaching.  Where does the ruling leave health care reform?  What should States be doing in response?  What should Congress do?   How will the ruling influence upcoming elections?  Does it represent a substantial change in the Court’s jurisprudence?  What Obamacare provision might be next up on the Court’s docket?

To help you understand the ruling’s impact on law, policy and politics, we’re collecting the best analyses and reactions as they emerge over the coming weeks.  So keep checking back for the latest.

The Supreme Court Opinion

Best of the best analyses

Initial reaction from American Experiment policy staff

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