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Apr 13, 2012
Gov. Mark Dayton should call it a day and not appeal after two courtroom defeats in his unseemly effort to foist unionization on the small-businesspeople who provide home-based child care in Minnesota.
Apr 11, 2012
Family life in America is bad. You probably have some idea about this, but it’s worse than you think. How bad? The worst in the industrialized world for starters. Want a surreal indicator of this fact? Even children born to cohabiting (unmarried) parents in Sweden stand a lesser chance of experiencing their parents breaking up than children born to married parents in the US. Jaw dropping.
Apr 7, 2012
For Americans who don't share Christian beliefs, Easter—Christianity's holiest day—may mean little more than a family brunch and childhood memories of colored eggs hidden in all the usual places. To many of us, it's merely another Sunday.
Apr 6, 2012
The right to vote is not only cherished in America, but a hard fought achievement for many groups of people who have been disenfranchised during our history. Women, African Americans, and other groups have all at some time in our past been denied their right to participate in our self-governing society.
Apr 4, 2012
What do you call a work of “art” that insults its patrons, promotes invidious racial stereotypes, garners scathing reviews, and drives many of its viewers away in disgust? Government funded, of course.
Apr 4, 2012
Permit me to introduce a new and, I'm afraid, necessary acronym: KSB. Or, if you prefer the long form: "Kicking Sociological Butt."
Mar 31, 2012
The United States now has the highest statutory corporate income tax rate in the industrialized world since Japan, as of April 1, has cut its rate to 35 percent. That’s not an April Fool’s Day joke, but it is a foolish tax policy.
Mar 30, 2012
Editor's note: We asked the heads of two local think tanks, one liberal and one conservative, to describe what they like or admire about each other's sides of the political divide.
Mar 27, 2012
Mitch Pearlstein, president and founder of the Minneapolis-based Center of the American Experiment, published a book last fall that immediately lit up chat rooms and list-servs, in part because it met virtually no one’s expectations for a policy study produced by the head of a conservative think tank. In “From Family Collapse to America’s Decline: The Educational, Economic, and Social Costs of Family Fragmentation,” Pearlstein argues that the U.S. achievement gap will not be solved by educational reforms but by policies that reduce the number of children growing up outside of the marriages of their biological parents.
Mar 26, 2012
Thank you for bringing this legislation forward. I very much appreciate your efforts to highlight the issue and to promote meaningful public conversations about the implementation of an insurance Exchange through the Affordable Care Act. This legislation moves the conversation forward and articulates at least a few positions. In particular, the legislation offers a strong position on how an exchange should be governed and how an exchange should address conflict of interest issues.