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Jun 10, 2012
Minnesota is heading straight toward a legal buzz saw. Our state faces a looming "educational adequacy" lawsuit that threatens both the quality of our public schools and our cherished tradition of school choice—and may bankrupt the state treasury in the process.
Jun 5, 2012
The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) is under siege these days from a well-funded and coordinated smear campaign driven by a variety of left-wing organizations and politicians.
Jun 1, 2012
The May Street Berry Patch is a carefully tended garden, berry patch and tiny orchard located on May Street in Saint Paul, Minnesota. The owner of the lot, Gregory Wilmes, sought a permit from the city to remove a large boulevard tree he owns that shades his garden, but Saint Paul officials denied the permit request claiming that the tree was public property.
May 17, 2012
More was accomplished over the course of the legislative session than anyone could have reasonably expected, especially considering the chasm separating the Legislature and the Governor never narrowed.
May 10, 2012
First reactions to President Obama’s newly announced approval of same-sex marriage bespeak shaky mirror imaging. While folks on the right are routinely critical of its very core, they’re rejoicing in what they see as its politics.
May 9, 2012
Here is a public pension update as we await the end of session. The pension bill was passed by both houses and will be presented to the governor. I have been told that Dayton does not care about the bill. (I kind of felt the same way, mostly, so I kept looking for some kind of trade for passing it but got one.) The pension system is underfunded by at least $13.7 billion.
May 6, 2012
We've got a vivid picture of the Republicans and conservatives in our midst. They're a sour, dour lot—close-minded, tight-fisted and intolerant. Some are businesspeople, greedy and self-interested. Others are rednecks, poorly informed, clinging to their guns and religion.
May 4, 2012
Otto von Bismarck, famous for unifying Germany in the 19th century, is famously quoted as saying, “Laws are like sausages; it is better not to see them being made.”
Apr 27, 2012
We believe that the MnPASS HOT lanes proposed to be included in the I-35E corridor upgrades would be a cost-effective tool to relieve congestion along the corridor.
Apr 23, 2012
Chuck Colson’s life, as many people will recall, was entwined in Al Quie’s, about whom I was privileged to write a book four years ago. As very much continues to be the case with Minnesota’s former governor, Nixon’s uncelebrated “hatchet man,” who later founded Prison Fellowship following his own Watergate prison stint, was an American original. Better than that in regards to Chuck, who died Saturday at 80, it’s fair to say that few people ever make contributions so important following prologues so problematic. With a salute to what turned out to be a life invaluably lived, you may be interested in this excerpt from the Quie book, Riding into the Sunrise about how the two first became friends and brothers in Christ.