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Sep 10, 2013
With school just begun, it’s time for me to think about the likes of Christopher Columbus and Henry Ford again. The same goes for my students. If you were asked to come up with one adjective that might best capture Columbus, Ford, as well as Ben Franklin, Alexander Hamilton, John Adams, Andrew Carnegie and John D. Rockefeller, what would it be? How about “greedy?”
Aug 14, 2013
Center of the American Experiment received a letter last week from U.S. Senator Dick Durbin of Illinois. We are normally thrilled to hear from any elected official given the fact that we are a policy organization. Our excitement quickly turned to indignation upon reading the letter.
Aug 3, 2013
The Twin Cities of 2040 will likely be starkly different from the place you live now. People will increasingly live in dense, urban concentrations, even if they’d prefer a house with a yard outside the 494 beltway.
Jul 29, 2013
Today, we take cohabitation for granted. We think of living together before marriage as an equal-opportunity chance for a couple to test if they’re right for each other long-term. It’s becoming clear, however, that for many women cohabitation is the real ball and chain.
Jul 23, 2013
Everyone agrees that Trayvon Martin’s death was a senseless loss of life. While we’ll never know all the facts, it seems likely that George Zimmerman did “profile” Martin when he first saw him. What happened after that will forever be unknown, and, in my mind, the facts were insufficient to convict Zimmerman.
Jul 19, 2013
But instincts and doubts, no matter how deeply rooted in Jim Crow and lynching, should not be more determinative than facts, and based on what I believe to be factually true, I would argue that race did not play a role in Zimmerman shooting Martin or in a jury’s decision to acquit him. On one side of our nation’s most divisive current divide are people who believe that race – mostly Trayvon Martin’s – was the prime reason George Zimmerman followed and shot him that night in Florida 17 months ago. And that race once again – in this instance, both Zimmerman and Martin’s – led to the not-guilty verdict last week. On the other side of the line are those who contend that race simply had nothing to do with either the shooting or verdict.
Jul 2, 2013
The 2013 Omnibus Tax Bill signed into Minnesota law a new gift tax that went into effect Monday, in addition to the estate tax we already have.
Jun 26, 2013
Dane Smith has been my worthy counterpart at Minnesota’s major progressive think tank, Growth & Justice, since he assumed the presidency there six years ago. In the same way he generously has written approvingly about some things I’ve written in recent years, I’m pleased to write approvingly about a recent commentary of his in the Star Tribune.
Jun 17, 2013
Kim Crockett’s Remarks at the Annual Dinner, June 13, 2013 at the Crowne Plaza in Saint Paul, featuring Dr. Ben Carson: Our Mission is to Build a Culture of Prosperity. Why? Because a culture of prosperity is one where big things are possible; people can pursue their dreams because prosperity creates opportunity and American-style social mobility.
Jun 5, 2013
The noise and excitement of the legislature being over for the year, it's a good time to reflect on the institution itself, how it has been strengthened, how it has been weakened and the prospects for both.