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Minnesota Policy Blueprint

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Entire Minnesota Policy Blueprint


Minnesota Policy Blueprint Chapters

Title                                           Task Force                                      Chairman


Task Force 1:  Office of the Governor and Minnesota Planning           Robert G. Renner Jr.

Task Force 2:  State Finance                                                        Hon. Vin Weber

Task Force 3:  Agency Management and Personnel                         Michael R. Wigley

Task Force 4:  Elementary and Secondary Education                        Mitchell B. Pearlstein

Task Force 5:  Health                                                                  Kenneth B. Heithoff, M.D.

Task Force 6:  Welfare and Human Services                                   Peter Bell

Task Force 7:  Economic Development                                           Ronald E. Eibensteiner

Task Force 8:  Administrative Rules                                               Dean Edward S. Adams

Task Force 9:  Environmental Regulation                                        Rep. Kathy M. Tingelstad

Task Fore 10:  Natural Resources                                                  Hon. Brad Stanius

Task Force 11:  Public Safety and Corrections                                  Gregory J. Pulles

Task Force 12:  Regulated Industries                                             Hon. James E. Ulland

Task Force 13:  Transportation                                                       Rep. Tom Workman

Task Force 14:  Workforce and Human Rights                                  Kenneth W. Morris

Task Force 15:  Agriculture                                                            Rep. Carol Molnau

Task Force 16:  Higher Education                                                    Dr. John Palmer & Dr. Ian Maitland

Task Force 17:  Semi-State Agencies and Arts Subsidization              Stephen B. Young

Task Force 18:  Political Reform and Ethical Conduct                         Theresa H. Ashmore

Task Force 19:  Gambling                                                              Sen. Tom Neuville

Appendix:         Task Force Participants