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Illegal Border Crossings into Canada: Self-Deportation?

Is self-deportation the new thing in Minnesota?

A number of migrants from the U.S. are hightailing it to our northern neighbor by illegally crossing the international border at the Minnesota and North Dakota state lines. A Star Tribune article stated “asylum-seekers” are border jumping because of President Trump’s plan to increase deportations.

But asylum can be requested in the United States through a lawful process. And unless one is in the country illegally, fear of deportation shouldn’t be a factor.

Therein lies the problem.

Those fleeing to Canada know laws were broken, and their deportation is more likely. They also know Canada has a more lax border. Canadian authorities caught 183 illegal entries so far this year, but Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale doesn’t feel this number is high enough to warrant additional border security.

If the increase in illegal border crossings continues though, the land of the maple leaf may wish it had the U.S government’s commitment to securing its border. Who knows, maybe these “self-deportations” will be a win-win for both countries. 




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