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City Councilor Posts Veiled Facebook Threat to MN Congressman

Lino Lakes City Councilor Melissa Maher crossed the line with the latest unhinged left-wing tirade over the end of Obamacare as we knew it. Maher’s threatening post on Congressman Tom Emmer’s Facebook page should erase any doubts over which side should get credit for most of the toxic political climate.

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The Star Tribune reports the left-wing councilor’s ire was stirred up somehow by by the congressman’s visit to a farm in Cokato.

Maher wrote: “If I were you Emmer, I’d avoid people who have a lot of deadly objects at hand. Selling us all out was not a good plan for your future. You’re a coward and a party whore.”

Not only do elections have consequences. So do threatening messages on federal elected official’s social media pages. Emmer’s staff immediately forwarded Maher’s diatribe to DC authorities for investigation.

David FitzSimmons, Emmer’s chief of staff, confirmed that Maher’s post has been reported to police at the Capitol due to its threatening undertones.

“I don’t know what would precipitate a comment like that,” FitzSimmons said.

As the backlash over her verbal attack spread online, Maher moved to undo the damage. As a lawyer, she likely understands the potential legal implications and began backtracking.

“I am embarrassed and appalled at my behavior late at night on Facebook,” Maher said in a telephone interview.

She said she has no plans to resign but plans to apologize to Emmer.

“I think council members are citizens and humans also, and we’re entitled to be just as stupid as everyone else sometimes,” Maher said. “I don’t think that in this political climate, people voicing their dislike over a politician’s decision is anything that would warrant a resignation.”

Sadly, Maher’s rash behavior is no isolated incident. Emmer’s staff has reported five threatening incidents already this year.

“In my mind, someone that should be holding the public’s trust should be held accountable for that,” FitzSimmons said.




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