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10k Reward for Eco-Vandals Behind Death of Thousands of MN Mink

Cruelty to animals had better be included in the criminal charges against the supposed animal-lovers behind the weekend release into the wild of 38,000 domesticated mink from an Eden Valley fur farm. The FBI and Stearns County authorities are already investigating the perpetrators who are still at-large as eco-terrorists under the Federal Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act. 

The vandals responsible for the $750,000 loss to Lang Fur Farms could hardly have devised a more cruel outcome. The minks’ “liberation” has been a deadly disaster for thousands of animals that have never had to fend or defend themselves in the wild before.  Most stand little chance of surviving outside the safety of their cages, according to the St. Cloud Times’ account.

Thousands of mink have or are expected to die — from heat, dehydration and stress-related issues. They are also susceptible to wildlife disease. Rescued minks continue to suffer form dehydration and psychological trauma and many more will die in the coming weeks. The large majority of the killed animals were still juveniles and many had not yet been weaned from their mothers.

The eco-terrorists evidently cut and ran without giving a second thought to the animals’ welfare. But the folks who know and care for animals best–neighboring farmers and other mink ranchers from around the region–dropped everything to help owner Dan Lang rescue the survivors.

Mink ranchers from around the Midwest continue to arrive to assist in the rescue efforts. Nearly 50 people, including friends and neighbors showed up on Monday to help rescue the animals.

However, law enforcement is warning people not to approach loose mink because they might bite.

No matter how hard they try, most of the mink will likely be lost, according to Michael Whelan of Fur Commission USA, an industry group.

“They should have done their homework because these mink being released in the wild, 99 percent of them are going to die from exposure or dehydration within 48 hours.”

Whelan says even if you are a person who is against buying or wearing products made with fur, it doesn’t give you the right to take away someone’s source of income.

“I don’t like brussels sprouts but that doesn’t give me the right to go to the brussels sprouts farm next door and dig them all up. If you don’t like fur don’t buy it but you don’t ruin peoples lives and their livelihood.”

Fur Commission USA has offered a $10,000 reward for information that puts the perpetrators responsible behind bars in a cage of their own. Tips should be called into the Stearns County Sheriff at 320-251-4240.




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