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Listen to Kevin Terrell on KTLK: the latest on SWLRT and chances for Met Council Reform

Kevin Terrell, our Adjunct Fellow, appeared on Wednesday, November 29th with Justice and Drew on KTLK AM1130 to discuss the Met Council’s governance structure and needed reforms. The backdrop for his interview was the excellent Op-Ed in the Star Tribune, The Met Council: Why this unelected governing body needs reforms, which was signed by Rep. Linda Runbeck, Majority Leader Joyce Peppin and 20 other legislators (featured nearby). You can listen to the discussion right here:

You can  also read along and listen to Kevin’s presentation of his report on the broad scope of authority of the Met Council here. 

Kevin compared the Met Council to other metro planning agencies around the county and found that the Met Council is unique in several respects: the governance structure (members are all appointed by the governor); its broad scope of authority; and its revenues.




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