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Governor Dayton wants to give drivers licenses to illegal immigrants. But wait, wouldn’t he have to fix MNLARS first?

Yesterday, Governor Dayton said he is not giving up on getting drivers licenses for illegal immigrants, and that he wants another $43 million for the failed MNLARS system that issues licenses and car registrations. Interesting combo to kick off the legislative session.

This is a sad and frustrating comedy of errors for the citizens of Minnesota.

We have a governor calling Minnesotans, who are frustrated with illegal immigration, terrible names because they do think the state should issue drivers licenses to people who are here in violation of the law. “It’s spiteful, it’s racist, and it just feeds into this just very, very destructive attitude right now toward people coming here from other countries,” he said.

Talk about spiteful. Ouch! Calling citizens racist because they have asked their government over and over for decades to secure the border is an unfair attack on the character of Minnesotans. A license opens the door to all kinds of mischief and Dayton should care about that; it is a reasonable objection.

Recall that last year he pointed to the state border, suggesting that citizens leave if they disagree with his stance on welcoming illegal immigrants.

We have a governor presiding over a state that cannot provide basic government services to citizens for driver’s licensing, dealer licensing and vehicle title and registration. Why doesn’t he focus on fixing that? The state has spent $93 million on a system that does not work, and now it wants $43 million more for a system that may not work.

And apparently the state knew it had a problem and ignored it, and it was all on tape (see story here on Fox9). That is a scandal.

We have seen this before with Dayton’s Obamacare healthcare exchange. Millions and millions down the drain.

And this is what Dayton had to say: “Once again Republican Legislators are just delighted to jump on something if they think they can do damage to the credibility of state government, especially to a Democratic Governor,” he told reporters during a news conference last August.

How much personal time and money have Minnesotans of all political stripes wasted dealing with this incompetence? Is it true that you have to go back to the DMV over and over? Or that cars are not able to be sold at dealerships due to registration issues? Remember when MNSure had to process applications with paper because the website did not work?

Fortunately, State Rep. Jim Nash, R-Waconia, who works in the private sector IT space, and serves on the House Select Committee on Technology and Responsive Government, is trying to sort it out. But there will not be any cheap or fast solution; taxpayers will either have to pay to start all over or patch the broken software.

Have you noticed that the voters always have to “hire” conservatives like Nash to clean up messes like MNLARS?

[Photo from Dayton Daily News. No relation.]




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