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The Modern World: It’s Not All Bad!

It is hard to find anyone who is happy with the 21st Century. That is odd, since by any statistical measure, the world is in better shape than it has been at any time in human history. That is a big topic for another day, but for the moment, this cartoon makes the point in a humorous way:

Courtesy of Andrew Malcolm on Instagram.




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    Location: Hilton Minneapolis 1001 South Marquette Avenue Minneapolis, MN 55403

    From Brexit to Blexit… Britain’s exit from the European Union has not been smooth sailing. Since the leave date has been pushed back to October, Nigel Farage is now running for a seat in the European Parliament. That election date is May 23 which has forced him to cancel all American speaking engagements, including our Annual Dinner. Center of the American Experiment is pleased to announce that Candace Owens, the founder of the Blexit movement and host of The Candace Owens Show, will now be presenting the keynote address at our 2019 Annual Dinner on May 18. We are excited…

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