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No-Hit Wonders

Announcers Dick Bremer, Roy Smalley, and Justin Morneau, during the Twins-Yankees game Wednesday night in which Jake Odorizzi got reasonably close to no-hitting the Yankees, said no one pitcher had no-hit the New Yorkers since Baltimore’s Hoyt Wilhelm did in 1958.

I don’t want anyone to think I’m old or anything, or that I might have grown up outside of Minnesota, or that I might have been a Yankee fan at one time, but I watched that game on WPIX-TV, Channel 11, in real time before it was called that.

Remarkably, given the thousands of games I’ve watched in my life, it still might be the only no-hitter I’ve ever seen from first pitch to last.  Save, of course, for the two I threw when I was about 14 for my Police Athletic League team sponsored by the Republican Club of the Rockaways.  If, by chance, you’re wondering about the color of our team shirts, yeah, they were red.

Making this story even more fantastic, was that there were no more than eight or nine Republicans at the time in the whole of the Rockaways.




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