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Memo to Congress: Be the Wall, Stop the Invading “Caravan”

Thousands of people, mostly young men, are moving toward the United States, blowing past borders, fences and police, as they go. This mob has been characterized as a “caravan.” Doesn’t that sound nice?

But take a close look at the pictures. These are mostly young, strong and able men. They are not carrying the American Flag yearning to become productive members of our country. They are carrying the flags of Honduras and Guatemala, mocking our country and the pathetic state of the Rule of Law in American today. Are we going to defend ourselves?

Imagine if thousands of men from the Upper Midwest decided to go to Canada. They gathered in Illinois and made their way north, carrying the flags of the Chicago Blackhawks and the Minnesota Wild. The Canadians would not say, “Eh, look! It is a caravan of people coming to join our Canadian way of life and root for the Toronto Maple Leafs.” No, they would say, “Call the Mounties! This is an invasion.” I admit this analogy is a bit cheeky but the point is a serious one: hordes of men moving like an army, however rag-tag, are to be taken seriously. Given out weak laws and welfare state, hordes of women and children, sadly, are a threat, as well.

The good news is President Trump is aggressively exploring his options.

According to The Wall Street Journal, troops are headed to the border.:

“Defense Secretary Jim Mattis on Friday approved a request from the Department of Homeland Security to deploy additional U.S. troops along the U.S.-Mexico border—as the administration weighed additional steps to combat illegal immigration.”

The administration official said that authorities also are considering an official executive directive temporarily sealing ports of entry along the border to migrants, including asylum seekers, to help stem illegal immigration.

Other options include a reinterpretation of the Immigration and Nationality Act, which gives the president authority to implement immigration restrictions through proclamations.

Both our National Guard and military, however, are very constrained in what they can do. Constrained or not, a show of force is good even if there is some risk of confrontation. What is the alternative? Just let them blow past the border?

After all, we have not built Trump’s Wall. I have felt, until now, somewhat ambivalent about the Wall. Is that a boondoggle, a crony contractors dream come true? Are we even competent to get it done right?

But walls are working in San Diego, Israel, Hungary, Norway and elsewhere. Let’s get it built well and soon, and in the meantime, we have a Congress and a president who are fully capable of closing the loopholes that make our borders such a tempting target for leftist organizers seeking to disrupt our nation, our elections and add to the rolls of Democratic voters.

The bad news is that Congress is “Out of the Office” until the mid-term is over.

What would it take to get lawmakers back to the Capitol right now to fix the loopholes in immigration and asylum laws that make this coming invasion so threatening? Apparently, an invasion of men from Central American is not enough of a threat. What is a few thousand more illegal aliens in our midst?

Will the invasion reach our border before or after the mid-term? How long does it take to walk a thousand miles? This could be a long, drawn-out October surprise.

But at least the President is being presidential, using his authority:

 In comments at the White House on Friday, Mr. Trump said that he “called up the military” to attend to the influx of illegal immigrants at the border. “We’re not letting them in,” he told attendees of the Youth Black Leadership Summit. “They’d better go back now. Now, do we want them to apply and come in legally? Absolutely.”

[A fun note, our president John Hinderaker was at that White House summit. Not because he is a young black leader, of course, but because of the Center’s specials connection with the dynamic and brave Candace Owens, and John’s support for leaders like Ms. Owens.]

Here is good news that makes me feel cheered as I end a day that started out wondering, “What the hell has become of my country?”

Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen said her agency is consulting with the Defense Department on options to deploy troops along the Mexican border, including what equipment would be most effective at preventing people and vehicles from illegally crossing.

“All options are on the table,” Ms. Nielsen said at an event near the Calexico, Calif., port of entry on Friday. She was there to show off two miles of newly built border fencing made of 30-foot high steel posts.

Memo to Congress? Be the Wall.



All photos: The Wall Street Journal