Shrimp for 69 cents a pound anyone? That would be quite a bargain for sea food lovers. But not so much for taxpayers. Yet that’s how much some legislators want Minnesotans to pay in order to get shrimp farming off the ground in the state—69 cents a pound.

Tru Shrimp went forward without the production subsidy on its plans to revolutionize the shrimp industry in the heart of the Midwest from offices in Balaton, Minnesota. But apparently Minnesota’s regulatory heavy hand got in the way of building its first big production facility as planned in Luverne.

“Luverne, Minnesota was previously identified as the site for Tru Shrimp’s first Harbor,” the release said. “However, there are open items related to the Luverne site that need to be addressed before Tru Shrimp can proceed.”

CEO Michael Ziebell said his company picked Madison for a few reasons, including access to the Lewis and Clark Reservoir and the available workforce in the region.

Moving the first Tru Shrimp Harbor to Madison also allowed the company to keep with its anticipated timeline of starting construction in the summer, Ziebell said. The company was facing regulatory hurdles in opening its Luverne facility.

Daugaard admits a state-subsidized $6.5 million loan played a part in luring Tru Shrimp across the state line to South Dakota. But only after Minnesota regulators re-opened the door to the competition.