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Minnesota`s exports fall in second and third quarter

The Department of Economic Development has announced a 2.2% drop in Minnesota`s overall exports in 2019`s 3rd quarter. Exports rose 1% in first quarter but fell 4% in second quarter and 2.2% third quarter. This has been attributed to the uncertainty surrounding international trade policy.


Minnesota experienced Growth in exports in Q1 which was led by growth in demand for medical, optical and machine products. Exports to Germany, Mexico and France grew the most, while those to Singapore and china dropped 29% and 13% respectively.

Export Summary Q1


Total exports fell 4% In the second quarter with a fall in export value to 8 of 11 major trading partners. Only exports to Japan, Germany and Australia rose.

Export Summary Q2


Overall, global exports fell 2.2% in Third quarter compared to same time last year . Compared to the national drop of 1.7%, Minnesota has had a steeper drop  for this period. Exports to North American grew, but those to South and Central America as well as Asia dropped. Exports to many of Minnesota`s top markets including China, Canada, The UK and Singapore struggled.

Export Summary Q3

National wide

21 states and DC have experienced growth in exports in the third quarter compared to 23 in first quarter and 17 in second quarter. The persisting uncertainty regarding international trade policy is likely going to continue contributing to decreasing trade.

Figure: Export growth for 21 states and DC (Q3)