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Even with the recent surge, thankfully, Tim Walz’s morgue still sits empty

You might think the recent surge in COVID-19 cases in Minnesota would have hurt the chances of the $6.9 million morgue winning our inaugural Golden Turkey Award for silly spending. You would be wrong.

No matter how concerned they are about the virus, Minnesotans overwhelmingly agree that buying a shuttered fruit warehouse in St. Paul to serve as an emergency COVID-19 morgue was a bad idea. The morgue is currently leading the Golden Turkey voting with over 60% of the vote.

When the Governor bought the abandoned fruit company warehouse back in May, the state was averaging 12.5 deaths per day. Like many of Walz’s early predictions, his estimation of the need for storing 5,100 bodies rightly scared Minnesotans into giving up more and more of their freedoms in return for safety.

“We need a morgue for 5,100 dead bodies? Maybe I’ll end up there.” You can’t blame Minnesotans for being scared when the state’s top leader sends this message.

The good news is we haven’t needed the morgue – not even close. According to Fox 9 TV the state is using it to store PPE after spending some of your money to spruce up the parking lot and fix the bathroom. Rumor has it the only body stored there so far belongs to Christopher Columbus in the form of the statue Gov. Walz allowed to be torn down from the State Capitol grounds.

The Golden Turkey Award winner will be announced before Thanksgiving. Click here to read about all the nominees and cast your vote for the silliest, most wasteful spending.




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