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  • Harvard Study Finds Wind Turbines Will Cause More Warming In Minnesota Than Emissions Reductions Would Avert

    Posted by Isaac Orr on Oct, 06 2020

    A 2018 study conducted by scientists from Harvard, published in the academic journal Joule, found that wind turbines cause significant local increases in surface temperatures in the areas where they are located. Getting all of our electricity from wind turbines would increase local temperatures by 138 times more than the amount temperatures would drop from reducing emissions.

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  • Wind and Solar Developers Want To Force You To Pay Their Transmission Costs

    Posted by Isaac Orr on Oct, 01 2020

    Wind and solar energy are closer to going away entirely than they are to being the future of energy. Here in the Midwest, hundreds of wind and solar installations, representing thousands of megawatts (MW) of installed capacity, have been cancelled because their developers didn’t want to foot the bill for the transmission upgrades that would be necessary to bring these projects online. According to an article in Midwest Energy News, which is run by Fresh Energy, wind and solar projects are not financially viable unless the costs for transmission upgrades are saddled on to customers like you. “In all, 245...

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  • What’s Wrong with Wind and Solar?

    Posted by Isaac Orr on Sep, 22 2020

    Regular readers of Center of the American Experiment understand that wind and solar are expensive, unreliable, and they require massive amounts of metals to generate just a fraction of the energy that we derive from oil, natural gas, coal, and nuclear power. Mark Mills of the Manhattan Institute is one of the leading researchers exploring the environmental impacts of wind and solar, and the amount of mining that would be required to be conducted if we were to try and implement the Green Dream, or whatever it’s called. Enjoy the video from PragerU.

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  • Indiana Community Beats Back Industrial Wind Facility

    Posted by Isaac Orr on Sep, 04 2020

    The #Resistance to industrial wind and solar facilities is growing throughout the entire nation. San Bernardino County, the largest county in California, has banned new wind and solar developments, and an Indiana community has beat back a proposed 200 MW wind facility in the Hoosier State, according to the Courier Press. In a statement to the Princeton Daily Clarion, E.ON wind development manager Karsen Rumpf said the new zoning rules Gibson County passed last month – which would set restrictions for the turbines and ban them from being built within two miles of schools, hospitals and other structures – made...

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  • California Blackouts: A Reality Check for Minnesota’s Wind and Solar Ambitions

    Posted by Isaac Orr on Sep, 02 2020

    The following article was written by Isaac Orr and originally appeared in the Faribault Daily News:  Millions of California families and businesses recently lost their electricity during a record-breaking heat wave. The blackouts occurred because of bad decisions by California politicians to shut down many of the state’s reliable nuclear, natural gas, and coal-fired power plants, resulting in an overdependence on unreliable energy sources like wind and solar. As a result, the state was unable to generate enough electricity to meet demand when it was needed most. California’s rolling blackouts should be a reality check for the Minnesota lawmakers, utility...

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  • Xcel Should Skip the Solar and Wind and Plan for A Nuclear Future

    Posted by Isaac Orr on Aug, 26 2020

    Last weekend the Minneapolis Star Tribune ran an article entitled Xcel Looks At New Nuclear Options As it Moves to Carbon-Free Power Goals. The article explains that nuclear energy is critical to Xcel Energy’s carbon free energy plans and the role that newer nuclear reactors could play in their energy portfolio. It is very telling that Xcel wants to build new nuclear power plants because according to a recent filing with Minnesota regulators, the company clearly knows that building a grid to operate on high levels of wind and solar penetration is a recipe for the kind of blackouts that recently affected...

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  • Millions of Californians Lose Electricity Due to Cloud Cover, Low Wind Speeds

    Posted by Isaac Orr on Aug, 17 2020

    Last weekend, two million Californians suffered through rolling blackouts during record-breaking heat because cloud cover reduced the amount of electricity generated from solar power, and low wind speeds resulted in little production from wind energy, according to California’s regional grid operator, the California Independent Systems Operator (CAISO). If Minnesota does not change it’s current course on energy policy, we will soon suffer the same fate. California has some of the most stringent renewable energy mandates in the country. Currently, California law requires requires that 50 percent of California’s electricity to be powered by renewable resources by 2025 and 60 percent...

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  • Wind and Solar Prices Are Rising

    Posted by Isaac Orr on Aug, 14 2020

    Wind and solar prices are rising across the country and they will likely to continue rising for the foreseeable future, according to the publication Utility Dive.

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  • Global wind turbine fleet to consume over 5.5 million tons of copper by 2028

    Posted by Isaac Orr on Jul, 31 2020

    Fans of renewable energy are often against copper-nickel mining in Minnesota, even though Minnesota contains some of the largest undeveloped copper-nickel deposits in the world, and massive quantities of both of these metals are needed for wind turbines. A new analysis by Wood Mackenzie estimates how much copper would be needed over the next eight years to build wind turbines. Relying on wind power is still a bad idea due to its high cost and low reliability, but those who do advocate for building more wind turbines should be forced to acknowledge the inherent contradiction of their pro-wind/anti-mining position. The...

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  • Michael Shellenberger Triggers House Democrats By Speaking the Truth About Wind and Solar

    Posted by Isaac Orr on Jul, 30 2020

    On Tuesday, July 28, 2020, Micheal Shellenberger, a man who has spent thirty years of his life as an environmental activist, testified in front of the House Select Committee on the Climate Crisis. He was invited to testify because in 2009, he championed the renewable energy policies of the Obama administration, but since that time Mr. Shellenberger has realized that wind and solar cannot power our society for purely physical reasons. I’d encourage you to watch his testimony in the video below, and read his account of the testimony, which I have copied below. Mr. Shellenberger wrote the following piece...

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