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  • Wind and Solar Special Interests Spent Big To Defeat Senate Conservatives

    Posted by Isaac Orr on Dec, 29 2020

    Elections have consequences, and because the outcomes of the recent elections will have important implications for energy policy in the next two years, it helps to examine the election results. It also helps to understand how groups seeking to mandate more wind and solar on Minnesota’s grid spent their money to influence these results. Post-Election Legislative Makeup  The post-election composition of the Minnesota legislature is similar to the pre-election composition. Minnesota Republicans held onto a 34-33 majority in the Minnesota Senate and they made substantial gains to narrow the DFL majority in the Minnesota House. Additionally, a breakaway caucus of two...

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  • Xcel Energy is Decommissioning and “Repowering” Five Wind Facilities Before the End of Their 20-Year Useful Lifespan

    Posted by Isaac Orr on Dec, 28 2020

    Last week, the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission (PUC) approved Xcel Energy’s $750 million plan to decommission and rebuild, or “repower” five wind facilities before the end of their useful 20-year lifetime. The implications of Xcel’s proposal are massive because it demonstrates that many wind facilities don’t even last for 20 years before utilities seek to tear down their old turbines and build new ones. According to documents filed with the PUC, Xcel will repower turbines at Grand Meadow, Nobles, Borders Winds, Pleasant Valley, and assist with repowering the Ewington facility. Repowering wind facilities can involve tearing down the old wind...

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  • Illinois Farm Bureau: Know Your Rights When Considering Wind or Solar Agreements

    Posted by Isaac Orr on Dec, 11 2020

    Wind and solar special interest groups often tout these energy sources as a boon to rural America by giving farmers another “crop” to grow, but there has been growing pushback against wind and solar from farmers and landowners across the country, from California to Illinois, Iowa, and Minnesota. In Illinois, the Vermilion County Farm Bureau is helping to educate members so they do not get taken advantage of by wind and solar developers who present one-sided agreements. According to WCIA news; VERMILION COUNTY, Ill. (WCIA) — If wind or solar farm developers want to build on your property, the Illinois...

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  • Wind Turbine Fires Underreported to Avoid Bad Publicity

    Posted by Isaac Orr on Dec, 08 2020

    According to Wind Power Monthly, an industry publication for the wind industry, the number of fires that occur with wind turbines is underreported because the industry hopes to avoid “reputational damage.” The article states: “Industry-wide underreporting of fires at wind farms has led to poor risk mitigation and damage prevention strategies, a report from a fire suppression firm has found. Firetrace International’s report, called In the Line of Fire, looks at the threat of wind farm fires amid changes in turbine technology and the climate. It draws insights from wind industry fire experts about how manufacturers, operators and investors can respond to an...

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  • Wind and Solar Developers Don’t Want To Pay Their Own Costs To Connect To The Grid

    Posted by Isaac Orr on Nov, 19 2020

    Despite bold-sounding announcements on decarbonizing America from progressive politicians and profit-seeking, government-approved monopolies, the biggest impediment to a world powered by wind, solar, and batteries is not political opposition from unwashed conservatives, it is reality. This truth was on display in a recent article in RTO Insider, which stated that the transmission upgraded needed to connect new wind and solar facilities to the grid costs too much. The cost is so high that wind and solar developers are abandoning their projects, which is great news for Minnesota families, seniors, and businesses. “MISO West — which includes Minnesota, Iowa, parts of the...

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  • Washington State Utility Says “No More Wind”

    Posted by Isaac Orr on Nov, 13 2020

    A September story in the Tacoma News Tribune details how one municipal utility in Washington is done with wind due to its high cost and low value to the reliability of the electric grid. “Benton Public Utility District, based in Kennewick, has about 55,000 residential, commercial and industrial connections. Most of its electricity supply comes from the Bonneville Power Administration, the federal marketing agency for dams on the Columbia and Snake rivers and for one nuclear plant. Eighty percent of Benton PUD’s total supply comes from hydro; about 5 percent is generated by wind, through power purchase contracts with the...

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  • Wind Industry Spends $100,000 To Defeat Conservative State Senator in Kansas

    Posted by Isaac Orr on Oct, 29 2020

    The wind industry has spent more than $100,000 against Sen. Mike Thompson, a huge sum for a state legislative race, to defeat the former television meteorologist who is considered to be one of the most conservative members of the Kansas Senate.

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  • Wind Turbine Blade Crashed Down in Iowa (Again)

    Posted by Isaac Orr on Oct, 28 2020

    Sometimes wind turbine blades fall off, and this phenomenon occurred last week in Iowa, as a 165 foot blade fell into a harvested field. According to Renew Economy, this followed a similar incident in September at MidAmerican’s Arbor Hills wind farm in Adair County, where a turbine blade broke off a turbine and fell into a cornfield. And at the company’s Orient wind farm, also in Adair County, blades broke from turbines in April of this year and October 2019. A news story after the September blade failure is of particular interest. I’d encourage you to watch it by clicking...

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  • Harvard Study Finds Wind Turbines Will Cause More Warming In Minnesota Than Emissions Reductions Would Avert

    Posted by Isaac Orr on Oct, 06 2020

    A 2018 study conducted by scientists from Harvard, published in the academic journal Joule, found that wind turbines cause significant local increases in surface temperatures in the areas where they are located. Getting all of our electricity from wind turbines would increase local temperatures by 138 times more than the amount temperatures would drop from reducing emissions.

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  • Wind and Solar Developers Want To Force You To Pay Their Transmission Costs

    Posted by Isaac Orr on Oct, 01 2020

    Wind and solar energy are closer to going away entirely than they are to being the future of energy. Here in the Midwest, hundreds of wind and solar installations, representing thousands of megawatts (MW) of installed capacity, have been cancelled because their developers didn’t want to foot the bill for the transmission upgrades that would be necessary to bring these projects online. According to an article in Midwest Energy News, which is run by Fresh Energy, wind and solar projects are not financially viable unless the costs for transmission upgrades are saddled on to customers like you. “In all, 245...

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