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  • American Experiment Kicks Off Its 2018 Traffic Congestion Campaign

    Posted by John Hinderaker on May, 07 2018

    Last May, American Experiment released a paper on traffic congestion in the Twin Cities by Randal O’Toole. That paper was the basis for the web site and a campaign that featured...

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  • Young Communists of Minnetonka

    Posted by John Hinderaker on Apr, 28 2018

    There is a large rock outside Minnetonka High School, where painting the rock apparently is a tradition. Last week, some students painted an American flag on the rock. They also added patriotic messag...

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  • The Latest Battle In the Statue Wars: Stephen Foster

    Posted by John Hinderaker on Apr, 26 2018

    A famous statue of Stephen Foster, often referred to as the father of American music, has stood in Pittsburgh for more than 100 years. (Foster was a native of Pennsylvania.) It was sculpted by Italian...

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  • Tucker Carlson Wows Sold-Out Crowd at Annual Dinner

    Posted by John Hinderaker on Apr, 08 2018

    The Center held its Annual Dinner last night at the Minneapolis Convention Center. Enthusiasm about American Experiment and its mission is so high that the event sold out–a crowd of 1,240 attend...

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  • Is Our Culture Dead?

    Posted by John Hinderaker on Apr, 02 2018

    There was a time when people in certain occupations were assumed to be educated, and educated people could be presumed to know certain things. There was, in other words, a common culture. That era was...

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