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Capitol Watch – Gov. Walz uses surplus press conference to stake out his position on budget

Good News/Bad News in Budget Forecast The state released the February budget forecast Friday, setting the stage for negotiations on the next two-year budget. The good news? The forecast predicts a $3 billion swing in revenue from a $1.3 billion deficit to a $1.6 billion surplus. The bad news? The surplus takes away any incentive for state leaders to reform government and hold down spending. New programs will likely be approved, adding to our $50 billion biennial budget. And although it appears the Minnesota economy is very resilient and capable of producing more revenue, each time state government grows, we lose...

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American Experiment launches “Think about it” Advertising Campaign

"Think about it" statewide radio and digital ads will challenge Walz budget, COVID decisions Center of the American Experiment this week launched a statewide radio and digital ad campaign titled “Think about it” that will run for the next three months. The campaign will encourage Minnesotans to “think about” the enormous growth in the state budget, how higher tax rates will not help and why students aren’t fully back in the classroom. Future ads in the campaign will feature the proposed California clean car rules and Minnesota’s embarrassing achievement gap. “This campaign is a long-term effort to educate Minnesotans on important...

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Minnesota cannot keep expanding spending on assistance programs

Setting aside the fact that most welfare recipients saw no disruption in cash payments, there are a number of reasons that make continuously expanding welfare due to the pandemic illogical. For one, Minnesota is already an extremely generous state when it comes to welfare. Additionally, welfare already takes up a big chunk of our budget. This pandemic should be no excuse to overwhelm our budget with increased spending on assistance programs....

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