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Even with the recent surge, thankfully, Tim Walz’s morgue still sits empty

You might think the recent surge in COVID-19 cases in Minnesota would have hurt the chances of the $6.9 million morgue winning our inaugural Golden Turkey Award for silly spending. You would be wrong. No matter how concerned they are about the virus, Minnesotans overwhelmingly agree that buying a shuttered fruit warehouse in St. Paul to serve as an emergency COVID-19 morgue was a bad idea. The morgue is currently leading the Golden Turkey voting with over 60% of the vote. When the Governor bought the abandoned fruit company warehouse back in May, the state was averaging 12.5 deaths per day. Like...

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Dedicated funding leads to less scrutiny, silly spending, Golden Turkey nominations

Imagine it’s March 2021 and they just announced the state budget deficit has grown to $5 or $6 billion for the next biennium. The economic slowdown from our over-reaction to COVID wreaked predictable havoc on Minnesota, and revenue from corporate, income, and sales taxes all came in lower than expected. To solve the budget deficit, lawmakers and Governor Walz promise “everything is on the table.” But that is not completely true. Certain pots of money are most certainly not on the table because they have been constitutionally dedicated for very specific things. And using these funds to “supplant” other state spending...

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Tourism through Twitter: It sounded like a good idea

How much should the State of Minnesota spend every year promoting tourism? On the one hand, it’s not the role of government to advertise and promote the State Fair or your private fishing resort. On the other hand, every state does it, and attracting people to come to Minnesota does create job opportunities for many towns and regions in the state. One of our Golden Turkey Award nominees for wasteful spending shows how easy it is to move from legitimate state purpose to just plain silly. In the name of tourism and promoting the state, Explore Minnesota (our Department of Tourism)...

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