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Ken Starr and a Gracious Call Home

Fear, by Bob Woodward, was not the only major book about a special-counsel-challenged president released on Tuesday.  So was Contempt, by Ken Starr.  Woodward’s book is about Donald Trump now.  Starr’s is about Bill Clinton two decades ago.  Largely because I got to know Starr a bit and came to admire him greatly when he spoke at American Experiment’s first Fall Briefing, in 1999, I started reading his book first, Tuesday night.  A smart choice if the first 50 pages are any indication, and I trust they are. As you may recall, Starr was frequently vilified back then for, among other...

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Candace Owens Wowed a Center Crowd of 550. Watch Her Speech Here!

We loved the way she thinks way before Kanye West, and we certainly love her more after Candace Owens inspired a crowd of 550 at another Center lunch forum. The Kanye, and now Presidential-approved Owens spent her first trip to Minnesota with American Experiment sharing her thoughts on the state of culture, politics, and, of course, that now infamous tweet....

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Don’t Miss Courageous Candace Owens May 8 in Minneapolis: Be part of Center’s largest forum EVER!

Timing is everything and the Center is hosting a lunch forum with Candace Owens just as her profile is exploding in the national news, partly because Kanye West tweeted, “I love the way Candace Owens thinks.”  I’ll try to get you up to speed on some of the deets of the controversy, but if you want to be part of this wave crashing in Minneapolis on May 8th you’d better register now, because it looks like our room holding 400 will be SOLD OUT in just a few days. [Update] We've secured a bigger room so register now if you'd like to...

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How Kanye West broke the internet with 7 words

Kanye West tweeted out a supportive message for black conservative media personality Candace Owens, and Twitter lost its mind. Candace Owens—the communications director for Turning Point USA and creator of the YouTube channel called Red Pill Black—uses her voice to encourage the black community to change its mentality from “victim” to “victor.” Needless to say, this perspective is not popular with the left. Join the Center for a lunch forum featuring Candace Owens on Tuesday, May 8. ...

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Tucker Carlson Wows Sold-Out Crowd at Annual Dinner

The Center held its Annual Dinner last night at the Minneapolis Convention Center. Enthusiasm about American Experiment and its mission is so high that the event sold out--a crowd of 1,240 attended. This is what it looked like from near the rear of the room: The evening began in stylish fashion with Manny Laureano, principal trumpeter for the Minnesota Orchestra, playing the National Anthem. (Laureano became known for more than his musical gifts last December, when he walked offstage during a concert in disgust at inappropriate political comments by a performer.) The crowd joined in and sang along. I am not...

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Politicization of Edina Schools Continues to Receive National Attention

Another red-hot article by Katherine Kersten on the barrage of social justice in Edina Public Schools continues to spark a national discussion. Her latest piece titled “Inside a Public School Social Justice Factory” was recently published by the Weekly Standard, as my colleague Tom Steward summarizes here. Numerous online news outlets have shared the article since its publication and it has received significant attention on Twitter, as well. Tucker Carlson—a “Higher Ed Hero” and host of Tucker Carlson Tonight—tweeted out the article and elicited over 5,000 “likes,” nearly 3,000 retweets, and more than 700 comments. What’s happening in Edina is not an...

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Stephen Moore on Why Tax Reform Matters: Do You Have a Story?

At our first quarterly lunch forum of 2018 we will discuss a topic that impacts us every day: Taxes. The recent tax reform law is just beginning to take effect, so what changes can we expect? Stephen Moore, a Heritage Visiting Fellow and a Senior Economic Adviser to Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, will walk us through the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act and what it means for you. In an op-ed for The Washington Times, Moore laid out “Why taxes matter after all”: With the recent Walmart announcement of an increase in their starting wage, there are now more than 100 companies that...

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Tucker Carlson recognized as a ‘Higher Ed Hero’ & will be featured at Center’s Annual Dinner

To close off 2017, Campus Reform—a project of the Leadership Institute and a site for college news—highlighted “some [15] of the most remarkable individuals who made a positive impact in higher education” and asked readers to vote for the year’s top five “Higher Ed Heroes.” Today, Campus Reform announced Tucker Carlson clinched fourth place in the competition. The Center will host Tucker for its 2018 Annual Dinner on Saturday evening, April 7 at the Minneapolis Convention Center....

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Ode to Mitch Pearlstein

I have decided that Mitch deserves at least one more post from me looking back at his and the Center’s accomplishments in the “early days” of our existence.  And I just discovered that an “ode” is usually a poem and not just a tribute, but I like the title so I’ve decided to keep it.  The real “ode,” written and performed by Chuck Spevacek and Robin Kelleher in honor of Mitch at his November 16 Roast, can be found here. What began as a gleam in Mitch’s right eye nearly 30 years ago has, with the help of many, grown and...

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The Day Mitch Carved Up the Minneapolis City Council

This is another one of my “post-Roast” tributes reflecting on some of Mitch Pearlstein’s accomplishments during the “early days” of the Center.  My previous piece, which includes the fun poem written and performed by Chuck Spevacek and Robin Kelleher at Mitch’s November 16 Roast, can be found here. Mitch has always had a way of writing that was entertaining yet poignant.  Yet, when it comes to exposing and cutting liberals to the quick, he possesses the sharpest of wits.  My favorite is his response to a letter we received three days before our sold out 1997 dinner with Margaret Thatcher (2,250...

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