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Stephen Moore on Why Tax Reform Matters: Do You Have a Story?

At our first quarterly lunch forum of 2018 we will discuss a topic that impacts us every day: Taxes. The recent tax reform law is just beginning to take effect, so what changes can we expect? Stephen Moore, a Heritage Visiting Fellow and a Senior Economic Adviser to Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, will walk us through the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act and what it means for you. In an op-ed for The Washington Times, Moore laid out “Why taxes matter after all”: With the recent Walmart announcement of an increase in their starting wage, there are now more than 100 companies that...

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Tucker Carlson recognized as a ‘Higher Ed Hero’ & will be featured at Center’s Annual Dinner

To close off 2017, Campus Reform—a project of the Leadership Institute and a site for college news—highlighted “some [15] of the most remarkable individuals who made a positive impact in higher education” and asked readers to vote for the year’s top five “Higher Ed Heroes.” Today, Campus Reform announced Tucker Carlson clinched fourth place in the competition. The Center will host Tucker for its 2018 Annual Dinner on Saturday evening, April 7 at the Minneapolis Convention Center....

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Ode to Mitch Pearlstein

I have decided that Mitch deserves at least one more post from me looking back at his and the Center’s accomplishments in the “early days” of our existence.  And I just discovered that an “ode” is usually a poem and not just a tribute, but I like the title so I’ve decided to keep it.  The real “ode,” written and performed by Chuck Spevacek and Robin Kelleher in honor of Mitch at his November 16 Roast, can be found here. What began as a gleam in Mitch’s right eye nearly 30 years ago has, with the help of many, grown and...

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The Day Mitch Carved Up the Minneapolis City Council

This is another one of my “post-Roast” tributes reflecting on some of Mitch Pearlstein’s accomplishments during the “early days” of the Center.  My previous piece, which includes the fun poem written and performed by Chuck Spevacek and Robin Kelleher at Mitch’s November 16 Roast, can be found here. Mitch has always had a way of writing that was entertaining yet poignant.  Yet, when it comes to exposing and cutting liberals to the quick, he possesses the sharpest of wits.  My favorite is his response to a letter we received three days before our sold out 1997 dinner with Margaret Thatcher (2,250...

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Mitch Pearlstein Roast Summary, Reflection and Poem

If you missed the Center’s “Well-Done Roast of the Well-Seasoned” Mitch Pearlstein two weeks ago you missed a very special event.  A sold-out crowd of 300 people came together to honor the man and hear an impressive list of political leaders praise his heroic contributions to Minnesota. Generous praise and humorous, well-written roasts were delivered by Sen. Amy Klobuchar, Sen. Rudy Boschwitz, Sen. Norm Coleman, Sen. Dave Durenberger, Gov. Tim Pawlenty, Rep. Tom Emmer, Rep. Jason Lewis, Rep. Erik Paulsen, Rep. John Kline, Peter Bell, Katherine Kersten, and Dane Smith.  To have a list of leaders like this salute your accomplishments...

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Top 10 Things American Experiment is Thankful For

Dear Friends, As always, we have much to be grateful for this Thanksgiving, starting with the fact that we live in America. Our country has delivered more freedom to more people than any nation in human history. Here in Minnesota, we at the Center are no longer content to be only a voice opposing the expansion of the liberal welfare state. The time for containment is over, and we are on offense, devoting all of our efforts and resources to actually winning the policy debate and transforming Minnesota’s civic culture. As we look back on 2017, it's clear that we are making...

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Star Parker Previews Her Speech At Our Next Lunch Forum

This morning Star Parker, our next lunch forum speaker, chatted with Chantel SinGs of KMOJ to preview her November 7th keynote address. They discussed Star's extraordinary journey of welfare mother to businesswoman, as well as her work at the Center for Urban Renewal and Education. You do not want to miss Star Parker and her discussion of "The Inner-City Fix: How Improving Our Communities Will Cure Racial Polarization." There are still spots left so click here for details and registration. Listen to Star Parker's Interview on KMOJ   [audio m4a="https://2lffqo2moysixpyb349z0bj6-wpengine.netdna-ssl.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/11/KMOJ-Star-Parker-Interview-11_2_17-4.19-PM.m4a"][/audio]...

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Center’s Annual Dinner Is a Smash Hit!

Last night, 800 people attended American Experiment's 27th Annual Dinner at the Hilton Hotel in downtown Minneapolis. It was a great event, highlighted by Senator Tom Cotton's hard-hitting defense of conservative policies and values. In a Washington, D.C. that sometimes seems to be turning into the Twilight Zone, Tom Cotton is a voice of sanity. The big, enthusiastic crowd made for a festive occasion: I led off the program by talking about the Center's accomplishments over the last 12 months. My Power Point included the Center's new video, which has been viewed more than 130,000 times since it debuted four weeks ago: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C6pi18ZKZgw I...

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Howard Root Wows Lunch Forum Crowd

Today a crowd of nearly 400 at the Hilton Hotel in Minneapolis listened attentively as Howard Root, the former CEO of Vascular Solutions, Inc., recounted his five-year ordeal at the hands of the Department of Justice. In 2011, the Department of Justice began frivolous criminal proceedings against Vascular Solutions and Root. The legal battle went on for five years, in part because DOJ refused any reasonable effort to settle, saying they "needed a body," that is, a corporate executive to go to jail. Howard Root's presentation featured an extensive Power Point with many quotes from legal documents. The story was riveting....

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America’s Young Betrayed

Age ain’t nothing but a number, right? Tell that to 25-year-olds who can’t believe they still live at home. As the newest Policy Fellow at the Center of the American Experiment, I recorded a radio ad last week that sheds light on this reality.   [audio mp3="https://2lffqo2moysixpyb349z0bj6-wpengine.netdna-ssl.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/Center-of-the-American-Experiment-clothes.mp3"][/audio] Millennials, myself included, view our twenties as our prime years. Unfortunately, this supposed “golden age” of life is threatened by liberal policies that impair our ability to flourish. Limited job opportunities, unaffordable health care, and a costly housing market jeopardize our chances at success. But somehow liberal bureaucrats who put these roadblocks in place still convince my...

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