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A Climate-Change Drubbing in Australia

A recent CNN poll showed that climate change was the number one issue for likely Democratic voters, but this trend runs counter to movements sweeping the globe where policies to support expensive renewable energy resources are facing harsh backlash for increasing energy prices. These movements can be seen in France, Canada, and Australia, where the elections last weekend were a resounding defeat for the political parties pushing for more wind and solar. This trend is common throughout the world. Political support for wind and solar is initially high because people think these sources of electricity are "free" because there is no fuel costs,...

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Why “Urban Conservatism” is Not a Contradiction in Terms

Suffice it to say Republican candidates didn’t do well on Election Day last month in urban America.  Then, again, they haven’t done well in big and other good-sized cities for a long time. This keenly has been the case in Minneapolis and St. Paul, where the last Republican elected to any post in either of the two cities was Denny Schulstad, to the Minneapolis City Council, in 1993.  Even more strikingly, he has written about how during the majority of his more than two decades on the council, “I was the only one of the 33 people holding elective public office...

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Marco Rubio and How Ideas and Think Tanks Matter

It’s always a satisfying day when something is written about how ideas truly do matter in American life, with many of the most important and influential ideas conceived, refined, and introduced in brilliant books written by scholars often employed – not incidentally – by think tanks.  Such a fine day was this past Wednesday (November 21), as played out in “The Daily 202,” an excellent political blog by Washington Post writers that’s e-blasted to the world early most mornings. The lead piece on the 21st, by James Hohmann (with Joanie Greve), was “How Marco Rubio is Retrofitting his Brand of Conservatism...

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Loneliness, Polarization and Them: Why We Hate Each Other—and How to Heal

Yesterday Republican Senator Ben Sasse of Nebraska released his second book titled, Them: Why We Hate Each Other and How to Heal. Senator Sasse believes that Americans aren’t getting along so well. That in fact, polarization is so bad that it is leading many to not simply disagree with but actually hate those who are on the other side of the political spectrum. Coming on the heels of the divisive Kavanaugh hearings and as a lead up to the midterm elections, Senator Sasse's timely book release seeks to bring some light to why our political discourse is so poorly fragmented. ...

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Milton Friedman: Capitalism or socialism, which is more humane?

Collectivist, Big Government policies are being increasingly openly espoused by mainstream politicians. Socialism, that discredited relic of the 20th century, is having 'a moment'. These idea are frequently presented as being more 'fair' or 'humane' than free market capitalism. But are they? In this video below, from 1978, the economist Milton Friedman explains the relative humanity of capitalism and socialism. ...

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