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Minnesota would benefit from less strict childcare business regulation

The state of Minnesota, like some other states, have encouraged child care providers to stay open. This is to make sure essential workers can still access care in the meantime. However, this has put childcare providers in a tough situation. Many childcare centers are struggling to get by financially....

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Thousands of Golfers Petition Walz for a Mulligan on Course Closures

Golfers cooped up all winter in Minnesota have a tough enough time waiting for the snow to melt before teeing it up in the already short season here. But the thought of waiting for the Covid-19 pandemic to subside before unpacking their clubs has thousands of golfers putting pressure on Gov. Tim Walz to give them a mulligan. [caption id="attachment_18881" align="aligncenter" width="300"] The future of golf?[/caption] Nearly 39,000 Minnesotans have already electronically "signed" an online petition that makes the case that Walz should reconsider the closure of golf courses for the good of the state's "mental and physical well-being." Golfers would be...

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Walz Wisely Designates Oil and Natural Gas Pipelines as “Essential Operations” During COVID-19 Shutdown

COVID-19 continues to dominate the state and national conversation, and more jurisdictions are issuing Shelter in Place orders to try and slow the spread of the virus to buy time for healthcare providers to prepare for the peak caseload. These orders have required the closure of businesses that have been deemed non-essential. Minnesota Governor Tim Walz is to be commended for recognizing the importance that oil and natural gas pipelines play in the everyday lives of all Minnesotans, and all Americans, by deeming them to be essential. The map below shows the extensive network of energy pipelines operating in the state....

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Keeping kids entertained—and educated—for free

During the coronavirus pandemic, parents juggling home responsibilities, their job, and taking care of kids are also focused on making sure their child’s learning continues. Here is a streaming service that focuses on a subject area that tends to get placed at the bottom rung of the educational ladder: American history. Students can learn "positive, patriotic, and unbiased history" through fun animated films and digital workbooks. ...

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Manufacturing scholarships available to students of all ages

The coronavirus has upended the school year, and our college-bound youth have been left wondering what their future will look like come September. From graduation to financial aid and decision deadlines, where to look for next steps can be overwhelming. For students with an interest in manufacturing, the Minnesota Precision Manufacturing Association’s Education Foundation is offering scholarships of $2,000 to help students get the training they need at colleges, universities, and trade schools in Minnesota....

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