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Minnesota restaurants seeking to do to-go sales of alcohol amid shutdown

Restaurants have been among the hardest hit businesses due to lockdowns which many states have put in place. Some states have however  taken steps to create more favorable conditions for restaurants to operate. The states of california, Illinois, New Hampshire, Maryland, Texas as well as the cities of washington D.C and Atlanta have allowed to-go alcohol sales.  The state of New York announced it would allow restaurants to deliver alcohol, but only with food. Similarly in Washington, customers must have food along with their order, and alcohol also be picked up curbside. Restaurants in Minnesota are however missing this option. Alcoholic...

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Should Minnesota Ban Reusable Shopping Bags That Could Transmit the Coronavirus?

The Coronavirus pandemic has exposed a flaw in the trendy plastic bag bans now in place in environmentally self-conscious states and cities. Concerns over the public health threat posed by fabric shopping bags that could transmit COVID-19 has led New Hampshire to become the first state to issue an emergency order banning the use of reusable bags temporarily in favor of disposable plastic and paper bags. The backlash over the bags did not escape the notice of Grist, an environmentalist online publication. “Our grocery store workers are on the front lines of COVID-19, working around the clock to keep New Hampshire families...

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Duluth City Council Backs Off Controversial Plastic Bag Fee with Coronavirus Concerns

It will be safer and a bit more affordable for residents of Duluth to go to the grocery store for the time being.  Under pressure, the city council yesterday rolled back a politically correct 5 cent penalty on plastic bags set to take effect at the height of the Coronavirus outbreak on April 1. The Minnesota Grocers Association raised concerns about the bag fee putting additional unnecessary pressure on grocery store workers who are already under the gun keeping shelves stocked. And city council member Arik Forsman raised questions about the public health implications of more consumers bringing their own potentially...

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Missouri eases child care regulation to improve access

Lack of childcare is one of the issues parents are facing in this pandemic. Daycares across the nation are closing mostly for safety reasons. The state of Missouri has decided to make things easier for centers that choose to continue to operate during the pandemic. The state has allowed licensed centers to use emergency school closing rules. This means they can take in enrolled-school age children. The state is furthermore (1) letting providers exceed the license capacity of their location by 1/3 during this time (2) making available short-term 45-day licenses that can be renewed (3) Loosening some regulations for record...

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A wonderful classroom setting: Nature

The transition to online learning due to the Coronavirus has changed the current education landscape for many students and families. From video conferences to virtual presentations, the digital instruction shift is giving young people new situations to adapt to. But another classroom setting to utilize is nature and the wonder it inspires....

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