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Questions for Authorities in Greater Minnesota Over Stay-at-Home Order

The clock on Governor Walz’s two-week stay-at-home order starts ticking at midnight tonight. But elected officials and law enforcement authorities in rural Minnesota say they've already been getting plenty of questions from citizens about how it will work. The issue dominated the latest virtual meeting of the Martin County Board of Commissioners covered by the Sentinel in Fairmont, including the issue of enforcement. “As far as the stay-at-home order from the governor, it’s a non-enforceable order, so if people go out to get groceries, pick up medications or go to the doctor, there’s nothing we can do with law enforcement to pull...

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Federal Coronavirus Spending Excludes Renewable Energy Subsidies, A Benefit to All Americans

Earlier this week, American Experiment wrote about how some Democratic members of the U.S. House and Senate had opposed the proposed pandemic relief spending bill because did not include more subsidies for the wind and solar industry, among other items on the liberal wish list that are totally irrelevant to the virus outbreak. Thankfully, attempts to insert these pork-barrel projects into the bill failed, which benefits all Americans by not providing even more incentives for unreliable, weather-dependent resources that increase the cost of providing electricity to everyone. It wasn't due to lack of trying, though. According to an article in Utility Dive:  "Despite...

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Minnesota restaurants seeking to do to-go sales of alcohol amid shutdown

Restaurants have been among the hardest hit businesses due to lockdowns which many states have put in place. Some states have however  taken steps to create more favorable conditions for restaurants to operate. The states of california, Illinois, New Hampshire, Maryland, Texas as well as the cities of washington D.C and Atlanta have allowed to-go alcohol sales.  The state of New York announced it would allow restaurants to deliver alcohol, but only with food. Similarly in Washington, customers must have food along with their order, and alcohol also be picked up curbside. Restaurants in Minnesota are however missing this option. Alcoholic...

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Should Minnesota Ban Reusable Shopping Bags That Could Transmit the Coronavirus?

The Coronavirus pandemic has exposed a flaw in the trendy plastic bag bans now in place in environmentally self-conscious states and cities. Concerns over the public health threat posed by fabric shopping bags that could transmit COVID-19 has led New Hampshire to become the first state to issue an emergency order banning the use of reusable bags temporarily in favor of disposable plastic and paper bags. The backlash over the bags did not escape the notice of Grist, an environmentalist online publication. “Our grocery store workers are on the front lines of COVID-19, working around the clock to keep New Hampshire families...

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