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Washington Times: Harvard Quietly Backtracks on Air Pollution-Coronavirus Deaths Link

It appears a study that claimed to show an increase in Coronavirus deaths linked to small particulates is being walked back by Harvard University. The study originally claimed that higher levels of particulates have resulted in more COVID-19 deaths in the United States. This claim never made sense if one believes the death figures reported by the Chinese government. This is because if air quality were a major factor, one would assume that the the death rate would be much higher in heavily-polluted China, where the death rate is 58 people per 1 million of population, compared to the United States,...

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How is the state government deciding which businesses will reopen and which won’t?

There seems to be little rhyme or reason to the Governor's knob twiddling and, as a result, small business in Minnesota have little idea where they stand. The shutdown has been criticized for being 'one size fits all'. Quite the contrary: it isn't clear there is a particular size at all. ...

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Unemployment kills too

While it may seem like the choice is between either saving the economy or saving people's lives, that is not the case.Closing the economy altogether in order to save lives is also throwing people's lives away. By extending the lock down, states are denying People of their livelihoods, social ties as well as their sense of security possibly leading to the aforementioned deaths of despair. There is definitely a choice that has to be made, but that choice is not between rising unemployment or death, because unemployment also kills. ...

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DFL Incumbents Suddenly Raise Red Flag About Online Voting After Losing Endorsement

Now they tell us. Three incumbent DFL state legislators who each recently lost the nod for their party's endorsement suddenly sound more like conservative critics when it comes to allowing online voting for elections. In Minneapolis, two longtime liberal legislators have left open the option of challenging the outcome of the endorsement process due to concerns over its integrity in the wake of virtual procedures put in place due to to the coronavirus, according to the Star Tribune. Sen. Jeff Hayden and Rep. Raymond Dehn, both Democrats from Minneapolis, criticized how online votes were conducted after the two fell short against...

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