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Costco Backs Out of Proposed Duluth Store Due to Cost and City Issues

The news that Costco was pulling out of a long-planned store in Duluth was disappointing enough in the midst of the economic fallout from Covid-19. But word that the sought-after retail giant backed out of moving ahead with construction due to apparent difficulties in dealing with city hall makes it that much harder for residents to stomach. Costco's site selector told the Star Tribune the deal went south “due primarily to extraordinarily high project bids which far exceeded others we’ve seen recently throughout the Midwest region.” The city evidently played a key role in crafting the so-called "project labor agreement" that sets...

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This Week’s Master Class: What can state governments do to influence the economy?

Stuck at home? Learn over your lunch hour with American Experiment economist John Phelan, as he explains what state government can — and can't — do to shape the economy. Sign up HERE! Wednesday, April 1st at 12:00 PM Stick around after the course, where John will answer your questions in a live audience Q&A. Submit your questions in advance here. Upcoming Master Classes: April 8: Catrin Wigfall on How good are Minnesota’s public schools, really? Sign up here. April 15: Isaac Orr on Everything wrong with the Green New Deal. Sign up here. April 22: Martha Njolomole on How regulation affects your everyday life. Sign up here....

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