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The EPI does it again, distorting the records of Minnesota and Wisconsin on labor force participation

In its new report, the Economic Policy Institute claims that Minnesota's performance in labor force participation rates since Gov. Dayton took office vindicates Big Government policies. It can only say this by misrepresenting the facts which show that Wisconsin has done better on this measure under Gov. Walker. ...

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The Economic Policy Institute’s report distorts the records on unemployment of Governors Dayton and Walker

Wisconsin's Gov. Walker inherited an unemployment rate of 8.1% in January 2011, and our own Gov. Dayton inherited one of 7.1%. Since then, Wisconsin's unemployment rate has fallen by 5.2 percentage points and Minnesota's has fallen by 3.9. The reduction in the unemployment rate has been faster in Wisconsin under Gov. Walker than it has in Minnesota under Gov. Dayton. But a new report by the Economic Policy Institutes misrepresents these facts....

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Minnesota’s wage growth ranks 45th in the United States

New data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that from February 2017 to February 2018 Minnesota's rate of wage growth ranked 45th in the United States. Given our below national average worker productivity, we should expect to see this trend emerge. To reverse, we need to make our workforce more productive. ...

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