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Target raised its minimum wage only because it can afford to do so; small businesses cannot

Target is a big company, during the pandemic it did not face as much disruption to business as did most small businesses. Henceforth, Target can afford to pay its employees $15 an hr. But Target should not be the baseline for minimum wage. Small businesses cannot afford the minimum wage. It hurts their bottom line during normal times.  Now it will be even harder for small businesses to recover now while paying their workers $15 an hour....

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Research suggests temporary ban of foreign workers might hurt the economy more than it will help

Compared to the extra benefits that immigrants contribute to the economy, restricting their entrance could prove more negative to the United States economy. Economic research suggests restricting immigrants will hurt employment and reduce demand. This might in turn hinder recovery of the economy. ...

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Minnesota had a nearly 50% decrease in Leisure and Hospitality Employment from May 2019 to May 2020

The Bureau of Labor Statistics earlier today released data on the change in employment in the leisure and hospitality industry. As to be expected the changes in the industry are high when compared to changes in the entire labor force. This is potentially due to the fact that lockdowns largely targeted businesses in the leisure and hospitality industry....

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Research finds that high minimum wage rates disproportionately hurt African-American men

Minnesota is one of 21 states whose minimum wage rate is higher than the federal rate. Both Minneapolis and St. Paul are on track to hike it to $15 an hour. Given the apparent negative impact of high rates on the employment of black men, might these not be some part of our state's racial disparities?...

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Gov. Walz pushes expanded ‘Ban the box’ laws which research shows negatively impact the employment prospects of young black and Latino men

Research shows that 'Ban the box' laws increase callback rates for people with criminal records at the cost of reducing the likelihood that employers call back or hire young black and Latino men. So, do we persist with these laws because their intentions are noble, or do we junk them because their outcomes are harmful?...

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Study finds college grads earn significantly higher income

I have written before about how closing the skills gap is a more effective way to increase people`s income.  This is because focusing on helping people attain particular skills makes them more employable in higher-paying jobs. This is largely showcased by research showing college graduates usually earn compared to people with no college degrees. A recent study on the state of Georgia has found results further proving this fact. The study — “What you make depends on where you live: College Earnings Across States and Metropolitan Areas” — evaluates the “college earnings premium” by geographic area. Along with Washington, D.C., and New York, Georgia...

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