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The point of the energy industry is to produce energy, not jobs

The point of an energy industry is to generate energy, not to generate jobs. If it was, we could hire people to stand in front of wind turbines blowing at them to make them turn faster. The effect on energy generation would be non existent but the effect on employment need only be limited by how many blowers we can fit in a field....

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What is going on in Minnesota’s labor market?

"MN jobless rate ticks up to 3.1 percent; jobs down from a year ago"; "Snow, cold wiped out nearly 9,000 Minnesota jobs last month, may signal a bigger turn"; "Aging population leaves jobs unfulfilled." These were some of the headlines last week following the release of data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. What was behind them?...

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“If an employer can’t pay a ‘living wage’ they shouldn’t be in business” – As Forepaugh’s Restaurant in St. Paul closes, activists get their way

When $15 minimum wage activists acknowledge that it will cause job losses, they often resort to arguing that "If an employer can't pay a 'living wage' they shouldn't be in business". The closure of Forepaugh's Restaurant is where that attitude leads. ...

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