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Last Ditch Lawsuit Filed to Save Minneapolis Jobs

A last ditch effort was launched yesterday to save the jobs of untold numbers of employees of small businesses in Minneapolis from the unintended consequences of the $15 minimum wage ordinance set to take effect January 1. The Minnesota Chamber of Commerce's odds of prevailing in the lawsuit--or not--were broken down by Business North.  The chamber contends the city legislation is unlawful on the grounds that it conflicts with existing state law. The action also asks the court to prevent Minneapolis from enforcing the measure. “Employers know what they have to pay to compete for a talented workforce and to deliver goods...

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A tale of two stadiums

Advocates of bigger government will tell you that it will act in 'the public interest' unlike us selfish individuals. But the people who staff this bigger government are drawn from the same pool of selfish individuals as the rest of us. Just as we act in our individual lives so will we act after going into government. This is why £750 million of largely taxpayers money was spent on an English football stadium. English football is not short of cash itself, but that's where the votes were to be bought. ...

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