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Citizens League report shows that Saint Paul should tread carefully over the minimum wage

Saint Paul's mayor Melvin Carter is committed to following Minneapolis in enacting a $15 an hour minimum wage. Economic theory and empirical evidence indicate that this would be bad public policy which would hurt the very workers it seeks to help. To add to this, a new report by Minnesota's Citizens League paints a picture at odds with the economic utopia which $15 advocates offer....

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Heart-Warming Valentine’s Day Headlines

Is anyone else feeling pessimistic today? Sure, Valentine’s Day can bring out the dark side in a lot of people. It’s just a made-up holiday to get us to buy cards, flowers, candy, and jewelry, right? Or maybe Catholic guilt is hanging over me because it’s been a while since I’ve been to mass and Lent is starting and all I want is a steak but I can’t because it’s also Ash Wednesday and I’m supposed to be fasting… Turns out, I’m not alone. These are a few headlines I ran across that made even this pessimist chuckle. Low ‘Valentine’s Day inflation’...

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New research shows that minimum wage laws have reduced teenage employment and left them less skilled

Minimum wages are bad public policy which hurt the very people they are meant to help. New research illustrates one more avenue in which this works. Minimum wages push teenagers out of the workforce and the extra human capital they get from any extra education is more than offset by that lost from not working....

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