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Minnesota’s wage growth ranks 45th in the United States

New data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that from February 2017 to February 2018 Minnesota's rate of wage growth ranked 45th in the United States. Given our below national average worker productivity, we should expect to see this trend emerge. To reverse, we need to make our workforce more productive. ...

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Recent legislation has been tough on businesses in Minn. border cities

"Incentives do make a difference". So said Governor Mark Dayton recently, discussing what state governments can do to attract investment. And that is particularly the case in the United States, with its different jurisdictions and free travel between them. A stark illustration of incentives and their effects can be found in this letter, sent to InForum by a Moorhead businessman. ...

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Renewable energy costs more jobs than it creates

There are an estimated 6,200 jobs in renewable energy in Minnesota. But these have come at the cost of higher energy prices for Minnesota's consumers. If they had that extra money to spend on other things, they would have generated 8,700 jobs elsewhere. When we consider the benefits of renewable energy in terms of jobs, we also have to consider the costs in terms of the jobs lost to generate them. ...

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