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When comparing economic policies, border counties are a good place to look

Washington County, on one end of the I-94 bridge over the St. Croix, is pretty similar to St. Croix County on the other end. The big difference is that one is in Minnesota and the other is in Wisconsin. Their different governments, state and local, can follow different policies in terms of taxes and regulations, like minimum wage laws. Any differences which we see in terms of economic outcomes can be attributed, in large part, to differences in those policies.  ...

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The Women’s March does not stand up for all women, these policy proposals do

Instead of empowering and celebrating the voices of women with different thoughts and political ideologies, the Women's March movement silences them and is regrettably divisive. Its obsession over identity politics distracts from focusing on economic policy reforms that will give all women more choice and opportunities. Here are several proposals from the Independent Women’s Forum report called "Working for Women" that will help advance women’s economic prospects and modernize policy to support all women....

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