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Last Ditch Lawsuit Filed to Save Minneapolis Jobs

A last ditch effort was launched yesterday to save the jobs of untold numbers of employees of small businesses in Minneapolis from the unintended consequences of the $15 minimum wage ordinance set to take effect January 1. The Minnesota Chamber of Commerce's odds of prevailing in the lawsuit--or not--were broken down by Business North.  The chamber contends the city legislation is unlawful on the grounds that it conflicts with existing state law. The action also asks the court to prevent Minneapolis from enforcing the measure. “Employers know what they have to pay to compete for a talented workforce and to deliver goods...

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The Increasingly Powerful Role of Student Debt in Shaping Careers and Lives

I don’t need to be convinced that community colleges are vital, as I started off in one.  To be precise, it was an auxiliary program of a community college with the rhythmic name “City University College Center at New York City Community College.”  How I luckily wound up there is a story for another day. As for an important story today about the value of these two-year institutions, my sense is that many young people and their parents are looking more closely at them for a variety of good reasons, very much including how their students are likely to accrue much...

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Technically Speaking, What Might Minnesota Learn from Tennessee?

This is a blog about impressive things going on with technical education in Tennessee.  It’s the kind of blog which Minnesota leaders in education, business, and government are likely to respond, “Hey bub, wait a minute, we’re doing great things here, too.  Some even better.”  Which I trust is the case and hope they let me know about them, especially since I still have much to learn about what various sectors in Minnesota are doing in this critically important area. In working on American Experiment’s major project “Great Jobs Without a Four-Year Degree,” one of the big lessons my colleagues and...

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Apprenticeship Programs Leave Students Debt-Free & Work-Ready

Who knows the most about the word “apprentice?” Just ask President Trump. After signing an Executive Order (EO) in June calling for apprenticeship expansion, the president remarked on the initiative’s importance and his ability to see it through. “That’s why, in June, we began a historic initiative to expand apprenticeship and workforce training programs in all industries. We’re expanding pathways to success. So important. And apprenticeships are one of the many avenues that lead to the great jobs, completely debt-free. And who knows more about the word ‘apprentice’ than Donald Trump?" The EO, “Expanding Apprenticeships in America,” will go towards learn-to-earn programs...

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