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A tale of two stadiums

Advocates of bigger government will tell you that it will act in 'the public interest' unlike us selfish individuals. But the people who staff this bigger government are drawn from the same pool of selfish individuals as the rest of us. Just as we act in our individual lives so will we act after going into government. This is why £750 million of largely taxpayers money was spent on an English football stadium. English football is not short of cash itself, but that's where the votes were to be bought. ...

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The state and local tax deduction allows high tax states to pass some of the burden on to others. It should be ended.

If people want to vote for higher taxes that is one thing. But if they do, they should pay them and not expect others to pick up the tab. By internalizing the burden of high state taxes more fully, abolishing the SALT deduction will enable Minnesota's voters to assess more accurately just whether or not they want to pay those higher taxes. It might be one of the few worthwhile tax hikes. ...

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