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Enbridge 3 would have a major economic impact in Minnesota and aggressive thugs should not be allowed to stifle debate

The Enbridge 3 pipeline project could have a major impact on Minnesota's economy. It has to be discussed openly with as wide a participation as possible. Citizens and law enforcement should stand firm against the small group of aggressive thugs who would deny the people of Minnesota their say. ...

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President Trump Updates Executive Order on Refugees: Could Help MN Track Costs

The Center has been trying for several years to answer a simple question: how much does the refugee resettlement program costing taxpayers. Why? Minnesota is the number one destination for refugees in the United States on a per capita basis. We get a large number of refugees placed here by the federal government—and we get a big surge from what is called “secondary migration.” ...

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Gov. Dayton is beginning to see the light on mining

Yesterday, Gov. Dayton said something that we at the Center have been arguing for a long time; “I’ve always believed environmental protection and economic growth can be complementary objectives”. Everybody in Northeastern Minnesota is entitled to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, not just prosperous retirees. They are entitled to pursue the economic opportunities which will enable them to build similarly prosperous lives. ...

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Unfair History and Under-Enrollment in Non-Four-Year Programs

The Star Tribune had a good story on October 15 dealing with the kinds of issues American Experiment is addressing in our “Great Jobs Without a Four-Year Degree” project.  Headlined, “In D.C., Efforts to Champion Alternatives to Four-Year Degrees Slow to Gain Traction,” the article, by Jim Spencer, lends itself to mostly reinforcing “He said/I said” exchanges. Spencer opened by noting how Burnsville H.S., last academic year, launched a “radically redesigned curriculum to try to plug Minnesota’s jobs skills gap.”  The school, he wrote, “has become a national model for states like Minnesota that face a disconnect between available employment and...

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