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Tune In to Hear Our New Great Jobs Radio Ad

Center of the American Experiment’s latest radio ad campaign highlights the struggles many young people face following high school graduation. In the 30 second advertisement, which is playing on over 70 stations across Greater Minnesota, a teenager expresses anxiety about his future. His friends have left for college, but he knows that is not the right path for him. The boy’s companion encourages him by explaining there are great jobs available—like working as a millwright—that don’t require a four-year degree or pile on massive college debt. Scenarios like this are happening across Minnesota. On GreatJobsMN.com you can learn about technical programs...

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Advice for employers in Greater Minnesota: A report from the front

Minnesota’s rural economy is gaining strength, reports MinnPost, with many businesses primed for growth. The challenge, of course, is finding the qualified workers necessary to make that growth happen. Southwestern Minnesota offers a “sneak peak at both the looming challenges and unique opportunities facing communities in Greater Minnesota,” according to the article, entitled “The future of Greater Minnesota’s economy is already here—and it looks a lot like Montevideo.” Innovative approaches range from busing in potential workers from the Twin Cities for a tour of businesses, to a “regional attraction plan” aimed at marketing the area to people who are thinking about moving...

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Students Learn What Manufacturing Is—And What It Isn’t

Minnesota’s manufacturing sector plays an important role in the state’s economic well-being. Yet attracting skilled workers to enter the manufacturing world has been challenging, despite numerous job openings. Misconceptions about the industry are sabotaging incentives for young workers to pursue great career opportunities in this field. But two companies just outside the Twin Cities area are determined to combat negative perceptions about manufacturing and change its overall image....

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The federal government should help rebuild Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria. It should not bail it out of its longstanding fiscal crisis

The federal government is planning a disaster aid package that includes money for Puerto Rico to deal with "rebuilding, repair, debris removal, getting the electric grid up, getting the water back running and so forth." So it should. But Puerto Rico's fiscal crisis long pre-dates Hurricane Maria, and for the fiscal health of the federal government and the states of the union, that is all it should do. ...

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Minnesota Ranked Second Least Tax-Friendly State in U.S.

[caption id="attachment_7880" align="aligncenter" width="300"]                            Click to enlarge[/caption] More proof of Minnesota's status as one of the highest taxed states in the country--not that we needed  any. Minnesota comes in as the second least tax-friendly state in Kiplinger's latest annual rankings. On the bright side, Minnesota still hasn't hit rock bottom with Maryland holding down that position. But the Fargo Forum wasted no time pointing out that North Dakota came in at the opposite end of Kiplinger's spectrum. North Dakota has been named the No. 6 most tax-friendly state in Kiplinger.com's annual...

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By fighting the removal of the state and local tax deduction, Minnesota Democrats show that tax rates do matter

The fuss about the SALT deduction shows what Minnesota's Congressional Democrats really think. Talking about yanking up tax rates on the rich is one thing. Actually paying them is another. Actions speak louder than words, and in their defense of SALT Minnesota's Congressional Democrats are saying loud and clear "No new tax"....

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