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Will MN Business Climate Deter Amazon?

Minnesota has its eye set on becoming home to Amazon’s second corporate headquarters and efforts to lure the online retail giant seem to be picking up steam, according to a recent Star Tribune article. But many cities across the country are competing to match Amazon’s wish list and can outshine the North Star State on certain criteria. If Minnesota is serious about convincing Amazon to build here, the state needs to get serious about Amazon’s preference for a “stable and business-friendly environment and tax structure” because when it comes to taxes, Minnesota isn’t very nice....

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Minnesota’s second quarter personal income growth figures show lackluster performance

New figures from the Bureau of Economic Analysis show that, in the second quarter of 2017, Minnesota performed poorly on wages, well on dividends, slightly worse than average on transfer payments. We reported last year that Minnesota's recent economic performance had been 'mediocre'. As we find in our forthcoming update to that report and as these figures show, that still seems to be the case. ...

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How Many Occupations Does It Take to Buy One House and Sell Another?

My wife Diane and I have just moved, after 25 years, from Minneapolis to Eden Prairie.  Early on I needed to hire a painter to do a modest amount of inside work to get our Minneapolis house ready for sale.  But after a half-dozen calls I couldn’t find one who could squeeze us in for at least three weeks, which would be too long.  I finally tracked down a painter by speaking to a friend, who urged me to call another a friend, who knew a very good one who might be able to start in a couple of days,...

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