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Minnesota is Among the Least Economically Free States

Many Minnesotans are quick to believe the North Star State’s economic performance is well above the norm. Unfortunately, Minnesota’s economy has been mediocre, at best, for some time. Public policies that promote high taxes and burdensome regulations have weighed the state down and resulted in an under-performing economy. These policies restrict economic growth in Minnesota because they undermine economic freedom. According to the Fraser Institute’s annual Economic Freedom of North America 2016 report, Minnesota is ranked one of the least economically free states in the U.S....

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There is no ‘race to the bottom’ in states reducing their capital taxes

New research shows that it isn't intra-state competition that has been driving capital taxes down, but changes in tax rates and input costs abroad, U.S. macroeconomic conditions, the capital income share, and technology. When setting tax rates, policymakers in St Paul will have to take these factors into account. ...

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Do the Twin Cities Have a Realistic Shot at Amazon’s Headquarters?

John Phelan wrote here about Amazon's plan to develop a second corporate headquarters that will employ 50,000 people with average incomes of more than $100,000. Governor Dayton has vowed to compete aggressively for the project, and the Star Tribune headlines: "Twin Cities prepares to fight for Amazon's planned second headquarters." Of course, cities across America are preparing major efforts to compete for Amazon's once in a lifetime project. Do the Twin Cities have a realistic chance? You can read Amazon's Request for Proposal here. It sets out some basic criteria, most of which the Twin Cities can satisfy, e.g.: a metropolitan area...

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