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Too Risky: Co-op Turns Down $4.9 Million State Broadband Grant

For years we've been told the state needs to throw tens of millions of taxpayer dollars at providing high-speed internet access to rural areas. Along the way, private providers have often taken heat for not investing as quickly as politicians would like in sparsely populated rural pockets of the state, due to the lag time in recovering their costs in the marketplace.  DFL lawmakers in particular have advocated for additional state broadband funding on steroids as a feel-good cornerstone of the party's strategy to reconnect with rural Minnesotans disaffected with the party's radical policies. True to form, legislators appropriated an additional $20...

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Why Wasn’t Minnesota In the Running for Foxconn’s Project?

In recent years, Wisconsin's job growth has rapidly outpaced Minnesota's. And that was before the announcement of one of the biggest development projects in years, Foxconn's first-ever expansion into the United States. The Foxconn project will be huge: The proposed manufacturing campus is expected to occupy some 20 million square feet -- larger than the Pentagon, and equivalent (as Governor Walker noted during the announcement) to 11 Lambeau Fields in area. This will be the first factory of its kind in the United States, and the only one not presently located in Asia (the others are located in China, Japan, South...

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