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Spanish conservation experts call for tighter regulation on art restoration: a classic example of how overregulation begins

If you are like any human being, you would think twice about going to a restaurant that provides poor quality service. Everyone would. It serves our best interests to seek out goods and services from skilled providers; ones that meet our standards of quality. This is not particular to certain industries. This is why tight regulation is not a solution to getting rid of poor quality services. Only people who have a misguided notion about what regulation accomplishes call for increased regulation as a way to improve quality. ...

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Shutdown Leads to Cuts in Staff and Services, Higher Property Taxes for Local Governments

The city of Mankato provides a snapshot of the economic reality many local governments statewide can expect to confront over the next few years--and it isn't pretty. The projected deficits facing Mankato due to the financial fallout from Gov. Walz's  prolonged COVID-19 shutdown look so daunting the city council met in person for the first time since March to discuss the anticipated impact on the city budget, services and taxpayers. One of the realities is that city employees will take a hit, according to the damage estimate in the Mankato Free Press. The proposed reorganization plan developed by Hentges and Zelms...

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The Courage to Reject a COVID-19 Shutdown

Sign up HERE! Join us Wednesday, July 8th for an interview with South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem over Zoom. In response to COVID-19, Noem defied the norm of a statewide shutdown and let South Dakotans choose for themselves what safety precautions to take. Tune in to this live online event to hear how Governor Noem preserved her state’s economy while still keeping citizens safe. Wednesday, June 8th at Noon (CT)  1PM Eastern Time (ET) 11AM Mountain Time (MT) 10AM Pacific Time (PT) Sign up HERE!...

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Research suggests temporary ban of foreign workers might hurt the economy more than it will help

Compared to the extra benefits that immigrants contribute to the economy, restricting their entrance could prove more negative to the United States economy. Economic research suggests restricting immigrants will hurt employment and reduce demand. This might in turn hinder recovery of the economy. ...

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Minnesota had a nearly 50% decrease in Leisure and Hospitality Employment from May 2019 to May 2020

The Bureau of Labor Statistics earlier today released data on the change in employment in the leisure and hospitality industry. As to be expected the changes in the industry are high when compared to changes in the entire labor force. This is potentially due to the fact that lockdowns largely targeted businesses in the leisure and hospitality industry....

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Xcel Proposes $3B in Renewable Projects to Bolster Corporate Profits During Pandemic

Last week the Minneapolis Star-Tribune ran an article entitled "Xcel Proposes $3B in Renewable Projects to Bolster Economy Dogged by Pandemic." In the article, the author discusses Xcel's plan to spend billions of dollars on renewable energy projects. What is missing from the piece is Xcel's underlying motive for fast forwarding the projects, exploiting the high unemployment caused by the COVID-19 shutdown to increase their government-guaranteed corporate profits. There is No Free Market for Electricity in Minnesota One of the single-most important things conservatives need to know about Minnesota’s electric system is that there is no free market for electricity, and investor owned...

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