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Employment data upends liberal narrative on the border battle between Minnesota and Wisconsin

People love comparing the economic performance of Scott Walker’s Wisconsin to Mark Dayton’s Minnesota.  Both governors were elected in 2010 and took their states in dramatically different policy directions.  Walker lowered taxes, ended collective bargaining for public employees, and eventually made Wisconsin a right-to-work state.  Dayton raised taxes on the rich, raised the minimum wage, and worked to expand public unions.  Most of these policies were implemented between 2013 and 2015. Public policy changes take a long time to begin showing economic impact, but that didn’t stop University of Minnesota professor Larry Jacobs from opining on this border battle in a...

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Who Needs a Four-Year Degree?

Not everyone. In fact, not most people. The Center's new program, "Great Jobs Without a Four-Year Degree," highlights the fact that there are many rewarding careers that don't require a bachelor's degree, and don't entail a mountain of debt. Today, Kathy Kersten has the lead op-ed in the Sunday Star Tribune. It is titled "Postsecondary education for non-dummies." Here are some excerpts, please do read the whole thing: In recent decades, our society has developed a powerful cultural bias that a four-year college degree is optimal for everyone, and that any other path to a career is second-best, “for dummies.” But...

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