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MN Wineries Sue Over Law Against Out-of-State Grapes

There's plenty of threats for the state to keep track of  about when it comes to crossing state lines. Most Minnesotans wouldn't put grapes on the watch list. Yet state law prohibits Minnesota vintners from using a majority of grapes from other states in blending their wines. Grapes from other regions of the country help soften the edge of the harsher varieties that grow in Minnesota's climate. But an arcane state law on the books requires wineries to use a majority of Minnesota-grown grapes in their vintages. The limitation serves the purpose of protecting Minnesota's grape growers from outside competition. “We’re fighting for...

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An Economist’s View: Dayton’s rich-vs.-the-rest economic view is simply wrong

This op-ed appeared in the Duluth News-Tribune on June 13, 2017. Embattled Gov. Mark Dayton has been on the road lately. On May 30, after a marathon legislative session that went into overtime, he finally signed off on a state budget for the next two years. Then, suddenly, he yanked funding from the Legislature, saying he would reinstate it only if legislators agreed to renegotiate the deal they had just reached with him. After such shoddy maneuvering, you can't blame him for high-tailing it out of town. As reported in the News Tribune, Gov. Dayton told Duluth media that the Republican majority...

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