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Skills Wanted: Skills acquisition shown to be just as valuable as a bachelor’s degree

The growing demand for skilled workers is not being matched by a supply of skilled workers, and this misalignment is causing more and more companies to take matters into their own hands—hiring workers because of what they can do (or what they think they can teach them) instead of basing the job offer on the piece of paper they hold....

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Restaurants and bars are finding it hard to operate with new rules

So far any establishment that cannot physically seat people outside has not been able to open and operate legally. Furthermore,  restaurants have been forced to plan their business around the whims of erratic weather, which is problematic. This new arrangement, in so many ways, does not differ significantly from the previous arrangement of requiring dining places and bars to stay closed....

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California anti-freelancer law is leading to a shortage of anesthesiologists in the state, potentially making surgery more dangerous

California, generally already faces a shortage of anesthesiologists, a problem which is acute in rural areas as most anesthesiologists choose to live in major urban areas. There is no doubt this law, although probably well-intended, will continue to make this problem worse for these people who already suffer from a shortage of medical care, while at the same time infringing on people`s right to earn a living....

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How Covid-19 might make the affordable housing problem worse

Under the Covid-19 crisis, we have seen existing problems being magnified. For instance, with states imposing stay at home orders; issues have emerged with housing. States like California, have had to grapple with how to protect their homeless while keeping them safe. With increasing unemployment, there is a possibility individuals will not be able to afford housing. With the Covid-19 induced recession, there is a high probability people may not be able to afford rental payments. Construction may also fall due to a drop-down in overall investments to the economy. Considering that a lot of sectors of the economy will have to...

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MN American Legion Mobilizes Against Walz’s Restaurant Restrictions

The group representing veterans who've defended our freedoms from threats abroad has taken a stand for liberty in Minnesota by challenging Gov. Tim Walz's continuing restrictions in response to the coronavirus. The commander of the Minnesota chapter of the American Legion wrote Walz a letter days before Memorial Day, joining forces with the hospitality industry in calling on the governor to give them more latitude in reopening their posts across the state. Sir, on behalf of more than 66,000 American Legion veterans serving in 550 Minnesota communities, we stand with the professionals in the restaurant, bar and hospitality industries and dispute...

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The economy will recover after production has recovered

In order for the economy to recover, it will require demand and Supply boosts. The current unemployment incentives may encourage high unemployment thereby lead to a sluggish change in production. Prolonged unemployment will also inadvertently affects long-run demand. Recovery will require putting incentives for people to go back to work, letting businesses reopen and expand, so that economy gets back to producing in full capacity. Agreeably this will take a while, but it is the only way to ensure a sustainable path to growth; one that will not need constant propping up or never-ending stimulus. ...

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