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Minnesota is closer to passing a bill allowing restaurants to sell alcohol to-go

On Thursday, April 16th, the Minnesota senate passed legislation that would allow alcohol to-go sales by restaurants with liquor licenses. The bill is supposed to be voted on today in the house before being sent to Governor Walz, who has indicated that he would sign the proposal into law if passed by the legislature. This bill if passed will of course be a big step in ensuring businesses gain some edge on acquiring what would otherwise be lost business. Over the past couple of weeks people and certain groups have signed petitions asking Governor Walz to consider making temporary amendments to...

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Why small businesses tend to get the short end of the stick of any economic downturn

Whether in a recession or any activity increasing the cost of business, small businesses tend to suffer the worst of it.In the current pandemic the trend is the same; small businesses, especially service establishments, have experienced more job and business losses. A big proportion of small business have gone completely out of business and will not be opening back once the shutdown is over. A current research paper by NBER after conducting a survey on more than 5,800 small businesses found the following: First, mass layoffs and closures have already occurred. In our sample, 43 percent of businesses are temporarily closed, and...

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Small Town Papers Face Cuts Due to Coronavirus Impact

Virtually every sector of the economy continues to suffer from the end of business as usual due to the coronavirus. Yet even before the pandemic hit, small town newspapers across the state already faced tough times from declining ad revenue and readership. Now with their advertisers further cutting back staff and spending in the statewide shutdown, local news outlets have also implemented drastic cost-saving measures in an effort to survive the financial threat from one of the biggest stories they've had to cover in years. A survey by MPR confirms dozens of weeklies and small dailies have reduced staff and services...

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Right now is the best time to loosen childcare regulation

Many states have been facing childcare shortage and the corona virus has made it worse. Some states have instituted programs to fund providers and keep them in business. And some other states have focused on loosening regulation to ensure providers stay in business during the pandemic. In Minnesota a lot of childcare providers are struggling financially, and some may not manage to stay open. This is why this is the best time for the state legislature to work on loosening childcare regulation. This will ensure that the state is better prepared to handle the surge in demand that will follow...

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Mining Is An Essential Industry, Tourism Is Not

According to the Walz administration, the mining industry is essential, the tourism industry is not. The people of Northeastern Minnesota support expanded mining in their region, and one would assume the current closure of nonessential businesses would only reinforce this support. Why would they want to put all of their eggs in a nonessential basket?...

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Farmers are dumping produce due to low demand

It is very apparent the shutdown has had an enormous effect on the economy and will continue to wreak havoc the longer it goes. One of the groups that is facing enormous losses, especially from the uncertainty, is farmers. With closed restaurants, farmers are feeling the squeeze from low demand and are having to dump produce. In Wisconsin and Ohio, farmers are dumping thousands of gallons of fresh milk into lagoons and manure pits. An Idaho farmer has dug huge ditches to bury 1 million pounds of onions. And in South Florida, a region that supplies much of the Eastern half of...

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